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Tips about reading PDF documents online:

  • Depending upon your Internet connection, you may find that viewing PDF documents online is sluggish and/or unreliable. In that case, we recommend that you download the report (see link below) to your local computer for offline reading.
  • If you have sufficient bandwidth available and elect to read the report online, the following steps may be helpful:
    1. Click the <Full Screen> icon at the bottom far right of the form;
    2. Select the page using the arrow keys at the bottom center of the form; and
    3. When you have finished reading the page, hit ESC on your keyboard (usually top left) and, then, return to Step 1 or 2, as applicable, and continue...  

(warning) You may need to click the <Refresh> button (bottom right), occasionally, if a particular page does not render immediately.

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