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Trip/Event Assessment Form

LINK:  NARALO Trip Proposal 4

1) Describe the Trip/Event in sufficient detail
that an interested reader could understand Who,
What, When, Where, and Why concerning this
funded CROPP activity (please be as expansive
as possible):  

This event was ARIN 38 conference held in Dallas, Texas that began on Wednesday 19, October to Friday 21, 2016.  It was very important for SFBay ISOC Chapter, as a NARALO AT-Large structure of ICANN to attend and represent NARALO since ARIN plays a critical role of managing the Internet addressing resources,  IPv4, IPv6, WHOis etc.  Additionally, NARALO  ALSes have a  standing MoU with ARIN that enhances our collaboration and opens channels to provide greatly to our community outreach and education.  The conference gave us the opportunity to witness and participate in the Policy Development Process, a  bottom-up community driven process. We were also updated on the current status with the IPv6 deployment, IPv4 Transfer process, FBI proposal for a global WHOIS policy to be reviewed in early 2017 and implemented by the summer of 2017.

2) Explain the extent to which the Proposed
Goals and Outcomes were accomplished
(see above LINK to review the original Proposal):  

Our goals were accomplished with the following outcomes:

  • Education: We were updated on new policies in review, IPv4 and IPv6 status, WHOIs proposed global policy by the FBI, other RIRs overview.  We were also educated on how important it is for our communities to be involved in the Policy Development Process.
  • Neworking:  We had the opportunity to discuss with other Chapters representatives, in this case the Puerto Rico Chapter and we planned for more collaboration in 2017.  We also met with the Fellows from other regions: Canada, Jamaica, Barbados and we informed them of our Chapter and the significance of ISOC and NARALO.
  • ARIN Collaboration in 2017: We talked with several ARIN board members/ executives and emphasized the value of continued collaboration between ARIN and NARALO as represented in the MoU. We also met with the Director of Communications & Member Services and discussed outreach plans for 2017 with our NARALO ALS.  We have commitments for an ARIN on the Road event in our region that will build into the October ARIN 40 conference in the region.    

These were important goals for us in this trip for NARALO and the SFBay ISOC Chapter and we achieved them.

3) Additional information pertaining
to this outreach Trip/Event (optional):

Read  Above response to Q1 & 2.

4) Date Completed:23-Nov-2016
Acknowledgements Section

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Glenn McKnight

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Christopher Mondini


CROPP-FY17 Trip/Event Assessment Template (Jul 2016)

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