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Why is there an At-Large Review?

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Article IV, Section 4.1 of ICANN’s Bylaws require that its structures, including the At-Large, be reviewed on a five-year cycle.  According to the Bylaws, the goal of the review is “to determine (i) whether that organization has a continuing purpose in the ICANN structure, and (ii) if so, whether any change in structure or operations is desirable to improve its effectiveness.”

This review is part of ICANN’s commitment to continuous improvement, accountability and transparency.  It uses mechanisms and measures to maintain public confidence in the viability, reliability and accountability of ICANN.

The At-Large Review uses a new, improved approach to conducting reviews.  It will inform the work on evolving ICANN’s Review Framework, as part of the broader accountability discussion.

What is the scope of the At-Large Review?

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Based on direction from the Board, the current review comprises an examination of At-Large’s organizational effectiveness in accordance with the ICANN-provided objectives and quantifiable criteria. The Organizational Effectiveness Committee of the Board (OEC) is responsible for the oversight of ICANN’s organizational reviews.

The review will focus on addressing areas such as purpose of the organization; its processes and means of conducting its work; and its outcomes.  The operations of the At-Large Working Groups, the At-Large Council, the Regional At-Large Organizations and the At-Large Structures will also be evaluated.  Review criteria include but are not limited to the following areas, to be applied to At-Large Community components (ALAC, RALOs and ALSes):

  • Fulfilment  of mission, adherence to Policies and Procedures,  and organizational support
  • Accountability and transparency to the public
  • Membership processes and participation
  • Communication
  • Governance and management, effectiveness of execution
  • Evaluation and measurement of outcomes
  • Effectiveness of implementation of prior review recommendations

The review and its requirements will be managed in a clear and scheduled process, empowering the At-Large and broader community to be a part of the solution and improvement efforts.

The current review also will include an assessment of the effectiveness of structural changes that resulted from the last review, as it relates to the organizational effectiveness of the At-Large.

Community surveys and interviews will provide the community with an opportunity to express their position on the At-Large structure.

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