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Trip/Event Assessment Form

LINK:  ISPC Trip Proposal 4

1) Describe how the original Proposed Goals
and Outcomes were accomplished:

The main objective of the ISPCP's outreach was to encourage participation of the regional ISPs and connectivity providers in Africa in the constituency's activities; and also, in AFRALO and ICANN regional activities. We explained the structure and activities of ICANN in general, and encouraged the regional organizations to participate in the development of ICANN's policies and activities through ISPCP constituency. Through doing so, the ISPCP Constituency supports ICANN's ability to address some of the issues that affect individual Internet users.

There were a number of ISPs and connectivity providers who expressed interest in joining the constituency some of the connectivity providers we interacted with included: WIOCC, SEACOM, Tunisia Internet Agency, Liquid Telecom and 12 internet exchange points from the Africa region. We later on made a follow up meeting with 24 ISPs both from Botswana and the region where several issues regarding the role of ISPCP constituency were discussed.  There is interest from ISPs in the region to participate in the ISPCP however many have a challenge in being able to attend all the ICANN meetings. We have encouraged them to participate in the meetings remotely where remote participation is available.

2) Additional information pertaining
to this outreach event (optional):

My colleague Fiona Asonga and I (Leonard) participated on the ICANN day during AFRNIC, which took place on 4th June 2016. Here, we made a presentation on the role of ISPCP Constituency in ICANN and how regional ISPs and connectivity providers can benefit by participating in the policy development process and other matters affecting them. We explained the ICANN multistakeholder structure model, touched on the IANA functions, and the TLD Universal Acceptance concerns of bugs or errors resulting in unintended name blocking. We also explained the importance of the ISP and CP in the Internet ecosystem since the ISP is the first place a customer calls when there is a problem.

3) Date Completed:19-Aug-2016
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Chantelle Doerksen


Leonard submitted notes to the ISPCP on June 27, 2016. Per ISPCP Outreach team, Chantelle has uploaded them for review.

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Chantelle Doerksen


Leonard submitted notes to the ISPCP on June 27, 2016. Per ISPCP Outreach team, Chantelle has uploaded them for review. Approved by leadership.


CROPP Trip/Event Assessment Template v2 (Jun 2015)

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