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Trip/Event Assessment Form

LINK:  ISPC Trip Proposal 2

1) Describe how the original Proposed Goals
and Outcomes were accomplished:

In order to be well prepared for this large regional gathering of Internet stakeholders, I worked with the ICANN office in Uruguay to design a bilingual (spanish-portuguese) brochure. These I had printed in Buenos Aires and took with me to Havanna.

There were close to 500 attendees at the LACNIC event, with participation from all countries in Latin America, as well as several Caribbean island nations.

Alexandra of the ICANN staff (Uruguay), undertook distribution of the brochures to the attendees via the ICANN desk, and by handing them out during plenary sessions in the main conference hall.

I made a 20 minute presentation in the main hall on the Wednesday afternoon, and after a brief introduction of the role of the ISPCP at ICANN, provided an overview of the new gTLDs available, of the potential for becoming an ICANN accredited registry and, since the issue is of major concern to ISPs and Connectivity Providers, I addressed the issue of Universal Acceptance for new gTLDs.

At the evening social event that followed, there was occasion for many conversations with attendees regarding the ISPCP and it’s activities and concerns.

The ISPCP constituency has long had members from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, but participation from other countries in the LAC region have been intermittent and sparse. The LACNIC community is made up of Connectivity Providers, ISPs, Universities, Government entities and national Telcos. So an event such as this one is key to being able to broadcast the message to the appropriate targets.

2) Additional information pertaining
to this outreach event (optional):

Nothing to add.

3) Date Completed:19-Aug-2016
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