Members:   Alan Greenberg, Athina Fragkouli, Becky Burr, Bruce Tonkin, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Fiona Asonga, Jordan Carter, Jorge Villa, Julia Wolman, Julie Hammer, Leon Sanchez, Lyman Chapin, Mathieu Weill, Olga Cavalli, Pär Brumark, Robin Gross, Roelof Meijer, Sébastien Bachollet, Steve DelBianco, Thomas Rickert, Tijani Ben Jemaa   (21)

Participants:  Adebunmi Akinbo, Alain Bidron, Andrew Harris, Andrew Sullivan, Antonia Chu, Brett Schaefer, Chris LaHatte, Chris Wilson, David McAuley, Finn Petersen, Greg Shatan, Kavouss Arasteh, Malcolm Hutty, Mary Uduma, Matthew Shears, Mike Chartier, Niels ten Oever, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Padmini Baruah, Pedro Ivo Silva, Phil Buckingham, Sabine Meyer, Seun Ojedeji, Siva Muthusamy, Stefania Milan, Tracy Hackshaw   (26)

Observers and Guests:  Abibu, Alessandro Berni, Angus, Ariel Liang, Barbara Wanner, Benedetta Rossi, Botozou, Cresent, Dave Kissoomdoyal, Elizabeth Andrews, Fabricio Vayra, Fiona Aw, Gordon Chillcott, Jaap Akkerhuis, Jan Scholte, Jennifer Chung, Konstantinos Komaitis, Lethaihong, Liana Teo, Maurine Hilyard, Mohamad, Mouhamet Diop, Olivier Girad, Patrik Fältström, Paul Mitchell, Phil Karnofsky, Rabie Bouyahiaoui, Roman Malinowski, Siranush Vardanyan, Tripti Sinha, Wale Bakare, Widad, Yesim Nazlar, Young-Eum, Yrjo Lansipuro

Staff:  Alice Jansen, Bernie Turcotte, Grace Abuhamad, Karen Mulbuerry, Laena Rahim, Theresa Swinehart

**Please let Brenda know if your name has been left off the list (attendees or apologies).**




  1. Welcome, Roll Call, SOI (5 min)
  2. Update on Chartering Organization Approval and Submission of Board Report (15 min)
  3. Information about Communications Plan (10 min)
  4. WS1 Implementation (1h)
    • Budget Implementation Group (15 min)
    • Bylaws Drafting Process (30 min)
    • IRP Implementation Group (to extend beyond bylaws drafting) (15 min)
    • Work Stream 2 Planning (15 min)

5.  Update on Resourcing Discussion with Board Finance Committee (15 min)
6.  Certification of Legal Work (5 min)
7.  Closing (5 min)


(none available at this time)

Action Items


Adobe Chat

Kavouss Arasteh: Good Moring Dear CCWG Ditinguished Colleagues

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 02:59) ------------------

David McAuley (RySG): Good morning Kavouss

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:01) ------------------

Kavouss Arasteh: Good morning dear David

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:03) ------------------

Athina Fragkouli (ASO): Good morning everyone

Kavouss Arasteh: Dear Co-Chairs, Dear Very dear CCWG Colleagues , CONGRADULATION

Guest 2: Are the materials available for download now to allow remote participants to follow along?

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:09) ------------------

andrew sullivan: I think the idea is that you follow along in the window.  Note you have control so you can scroll forward.

andrew sullivan: (that was @Guest 2)

Guest 2: I see, thank you!

Guest 2: Also, it appears there's an issue with the scribe

Grace Abuhamad: There is a slight delay, but we're getting started

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:15) ------------------

Bruce Tonkin: Note I am in a Board working session at the moment - but happy to respond on the chat forum if you have any questions for the Board

Grace Abuhamad: Thank you @Bruce. Noted

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:28) ------------------

Guest 2: ?

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:32) -------------------

Jordan Carter: Guest 2, it froze for me too

Jordan Carter: I rebooted the room (reloaded the web page) and it started to work

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:37) -------------------

Guest 2: Thank you

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:40) -------------------

Mohamed: ICG Annoucement :

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:42) ------------------

David McAuley (RySG): I understand that there has already been a fair amount of CWG-related bylaw drafting so we have a decent start it seems

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:44) ------------------

Wale Bakare: Hi everyone

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:46) ------------------

Kavouss Arasteh: Bruce, The questionb is how many days the Board;s need to check the draft of Bylaws approved by CCWG to finalize that for putting in public comment?

Kavouss Arasteh: Is one week sufficient / is it long ? is is short?

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:49) ------------------

Seun Ojedeji: Am i right that the oversight implementation team would allow read-only access to their discussion list (and perhaps for their meetings as well) so hopefully a number of the CCWG can be carried along early enough.

David McAuley (RySG): Good points Jordan

Jordan Carter: I think the diversity challenge is a different one.

Bruce Tonkin: Hello Kavouss - the plan is to get a draft set of bylaws posted for public comment in about 4 weeks time.   Then the plan is to approve the bylaws by late May / early June.  

Jordan Carter: For the record: the diversity challenge is to communicate and open ICANN and the use of these community powers as part of a broad, open, accountable ICANN system

Jordan Carter: this proposal is closed and final, and trying to focus on diversity in respect of implementing it is the wrong tack

Jordan Carter: because, and simply, what could be more offensive than being very aggressive in seeking new input, when in truth the issues are closed?

andrew sullivan: Not for mic, in the interests of time, but is the bylaw drafting under an incredibly tight deadline with all the principles nailed down the time to try to recruit more people?

Kavouss Arasteh: Bruce ,the question was the one week between 08 to 15 April ? Do you need that time or you need more oe less time

andrew sullivan: I would have thought that the time to try to recruit would've been when we were working on the principles (i.e. the report that has just been published)

Jordan Carter: Kavouss: it depends on the time taken to get the draft bylaws ready.

Jordan Carter: Bruce: that's precisely what we have been going through.

Seun Ojedeji: I am rasing my hand since there seem to be no response on the chat, so if anyone has a response then we could save some time ;-)

andrew sullivan: I'm worried that recruiting new people at this juncture will invite attempts to re-open the principles and so on

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:54) --------------------

Seun Ojedeji: +1 with Andrew but if we are doing that then the engagement approach of the IOT needs be open and transparent enough. Yet to hear how the IOT intends to engage in this going forward

Grace Abuhamad: @Seun -- I believe the group will have publicly archived wiki and lists, but since we have not started yet, I can't point you to any links

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 03:55) --------------------

Seun Ojedeji: @Grace yes to publicly archived but there should be option to subscribe (in read only mode) to the lists.


Jordan Carter: All, Malcolm: we will also be asking Sidley to certify that the bylaws do implement the report


Alan Greenberg: I beleive that last Friday, there was agreement that one would be able to subscribe read-only. It was my intervention that begged for "push" access.


Brett Schaefer: A point in support of Malcolm, the ability to fix this down the line is complex and difficult, especially if the fix requires changing a fundamental bylaw.

David McAuley (RySG): Agree with Becky, and the good news here is that we have a good set of lawyers

Guest 2: Could the speaker repeat what was said off mike?

andrew sullivan: It's Malcolm Hutty, and he's arguing about the details for how to manage the timeline

andrew sullivan: he was making suggestions on how to adjust the times, but I couldn't hear all the details either

Sabine Meyer (GAC - Germany): +1 to Alan's remark - you indeed asked for push, not pull messaging last Friday and I hope this can be achieved somehow.

andrew sullivan: (that's @ Guest 2)

Jordan Carter: Malcolm suggested slipping some of these dates

Grace Abuhamad: Requests noted. The lists do not exist yet, but we'll set it up accordingly. Not sure if there will be much activity on the IOT list, since most will go back to CCWG as a whole 

Guest 2: Thanks. 

Sabine Meyer (GAC - Germany): thank you, Grace!

Alan Greenberg: Presumably list will incude draft bylaws or pointers to them as the oversight team gets them.

Malcolm Hutty: Squeeze time betwen CCWG approval and open public comment (currently 1 week), squeeze time between final approval post-public comment and Board removal (currently 2 weeks) and ultimately be prepared to slip 31 May final date rather than deliver bylaws that do not match the proposal

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:01) --------------------

Mathieu Weill: Thanks Malcolm.

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:02) --------------------

matthew shears: Agree Malcolm and get the redlined versions out to the CCWG on a rolling basis as much as possible

Alan Greenberg: So the community can follow along, IF WE ARE SUFFICIENTLY MASOCHISTIC.

Pedro Ivo Silva [GAC Brasil]: Can someone indicate the name of the members of the IOT? I know it was shown last Friday, but I could not find it.

Sabine Meyer (GAC - Germany): Alan, is there still any room for doubt on that? ;)

Jordan Carter: Pedro: the agreed IOT for CCWG was cochairs and rapporteurs

Jordan Carter: agreed on Friday

Mathieu Weill: +1 Jordan

Pedro Ivo Silva [GAC Brasil]: Great, thanks Jordan

Thomas Rickert, CCWG Co-Chair: Pedro, I will name the individuals in a moment.

matthew shears: + 1 Greg - that works

Jordan Carter: I am not sure it is great.

David McAuley (RySG): @Sabine, lol

Jordan Carter: but it is reality :-)

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:05) --------------------

andrew sullivan: I do not think we should attempt to negotiate the USG's timelines here

Jordan Carter: honestly, we don't set NTIA timelines, they do

Malcolm Hutty: Well said Kavouss

andrew sullivan: I am astonished that they need as little time as they do, having been in line in DC for more than one function

Jordan Carter: secondly, all of this depends on a great first draft

Jordan Carter: if the first draft is terrible, this WILL take longer, and that is just unavoidable

andrew sullivan: @Jordan: right

andrew sullivan: We've used up all our buffer.  There's nothing we can do about that

Jordan Carter: there is buffer

Jordan Carter: but we cannot plan on using it

Jordan Carter: otherwise it isn't a buffe 

matthew shears: we are just going to have to be flexible and see how quickly and correctly get this one

andrew sullivan: I don't really look at that timetable and see "buffer"

andrew sullivan: I see "barely enough time"

Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): exactly @Andrew  so we just need to get on and DO It!

Lyman Chapin (SSAC): The public comment period is a Board activity, not a CCWG activity. Who decides when and how a public comment requires a change to the draft bylaws? Is tha a Board responsibility or a CCWG responsibility?

Jordan Carter: I agree.

Malcolm Hutty: NTIA min. durations give a clear measure of how long THEY think is the minimum time needed to conduct review of the bylaws with a professional level of competence. And that's for a single, integrated entity, which CCWG is not. By taking less time ourselves, we are abdicating our own responsibility.

Mathieu Weill: Agree Lyman, but it will be our responsibility to ensure that any change remains consistent with our report

Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): True @Lyman  and we  must ensure e feed into that step in as timely amnner as possible

Jordan Carter: I believe that we will have a collaborative and open discussion with the Board through the PC phase

Lyman Chapin (SSAC): So the decision "this public comment requires a change to the draft bylaws" will be made through a collaboration between the Board and our IOT

Thomas Rickert, CCWG Co-Chair: Pedro, the IOT members are Becky, Cheryl, Steve, Jordan, Leon, Mathieu and myself.

Jordan Carter: that's my expectation, close liaison all through

Lyman Chapin (SSAC): The reason I'm hitting the "who decides" point is that I can imagine a change to the draft bylaws that would require a second public comment period....

Kavouss Arasteh: CCWG needs minimum 15 days to review the public comments and make the final ck before submitting the Draft Bylaws to the Board

Lyman Chapin (SSAC): Accept however that the only realistic strategy is to hope that doesn't happen :-)

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:14) --------------------

Pedro Ivo Silva [GAC Brasil]: @Thomas - Thanks!

Seun Ojedeji: I thought the members were appointed by each CO for CCWG and not WS and COs can indeed remove any of its representative anytime. Have not idea why the need to send mail to confirm WS2 members.

David McAuley (RySG): Leon, what timeline do co-chairs envision for CO feedback and populating WGs?

Steve DelBianco [GNSO - CSG]: while we are waiting on the Chartering Orgs to re-appoint or change their CCWG Members, I think the current Members should stay fully engaged here.  We need continuous effort to meet these aggressive dates

David McAuley (RySG): +1 @Steve

David McAuley (RySG): Thanks Leon

Chris LaHatte: Happy to talk to the working group for the Ombudsman as soon as thi is established

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:19) --------------------

andrew sullivan: I confess that I suffer more from the phone calls than the mails

andrew sullivan: Mail lists thread mail, if you're using a reasonable mail client

Fabricio Vayra: +1 for using Basecamp

andrew sullivan: (Admittedly, most mail clients don't do reasonable things any more.)

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:22) --------------------

andrew sullivan: (But most mail clients _can_ be set up to thread messages, but usually don't do so.  If you want help with configuring that, hit me up offline ( and I will find out how to set up your mail client to do that.)

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:26) --------------------

Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): of course the informal work you mentioned @Brett cand and should continue ...

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:27) --------------------

Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): should read *could* and should

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:33) --------------------

Brett Schaefer 2: @Cheryl, of course, but is good to know that there will be a focus on WS1 before moving to WS2

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:36) --------------------

Lyman Chapin (SSAC): @Sebastién +1

Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): agee @brett

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:38) --------------------

Pedro Ivo Silva [GAC Brasil]: Agree with Sebastien on the importance to ask the CO for an eventual reappointment of members

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:39) --------------------

Niels ten Oever: But setting up mailinglists for the different groups would not be too much work, right?

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:50) --------------------

Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): Good work People...we all have a lot to be proud of in all this... Take a brief breath and break and lets all make this Implementation phase work as efficiently and effectively as we possibly can  Thank you all See you all soon...  HUGE  thanks to the co-Chairs,  and the AMAIZING  staff ...Well done all... Bye for now...

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:56) --------------------

andrew sullivan: Now _there's_ praise I never want!

David McAuley (RySG): +1 @Roelof

Phil Buckingham: +1 @ Roelof 

David McAuley (RySG): Staff support to this group has shown ICANN at the top of its game, very impressive

Roelof Meijer (SIDN, ccNSO): +1 David!

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 04:59) --------------------

Steve DelBianco [GNSO - CSG]: Paragon of M-S leadership

 -------------------- (03/10/2016 05:00) --------------------

andrew sullivan: A commercial hit for sure

Steve DelBianco [GNSO - CSG]: Post CCWG Stress Disorder

Sabine Meyer (GAC - Germany): You say that like the stress is over :D

Steve DelBianco [GNSO - CSG]: It's not, but I am already starting to feel the effects

Fabricio Vayra: Thanks!

Sabine Meyer (GAC - Germany): I get you.

Sabine Meyer (GAC - Germany): Thank you everyone!

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