Note from Holly Raiche

The next phase of our task as the working party (on the timelines, from November 2015 through February 2016) is to provide input on the self assessment and review component of the process.  In particular, have a look at the 2008 ALAC Review. That report had many recommendations - summarized down to 13.  So have a look - what has worked, what hasn’t, and what can be improved.  We also have to think through who needs to be interviewed - individuals, yes, but also what positions - RALO Chairs?  RALO reps on ALAC?  ALS members - from all regions - how are they identified, interviewed?  If you look at the GNSO review (and I recommend you do, just to see what sorts of things were asked/recommended), some of the interviews were using Skype - which will deal with distance issues, but how do we deal with language issues/time issues?

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    I'm reading the report. As Holly said, I think it's  applicable to ALs.

    It will be necessary to analyze what the reality of ALs and the differences with other ALs, especially among different RALOS. This is to adapt the measures to be taken, to the needs of each actual situation.

    About participatio in the ALs, overall the percentage of voluntary participation in the activities of the organizations is proportionally lower. The problem is that in the current and future situation of ICANN's participation is required.
    How to improve participation? 1) incorporating new ALs and individuals. 2) improving the participation of current and indidividuos ALs. Both issues are being taken into account and taking action to solve them. It is necessary to continue and deepen these activities.

    Also,  I think we need more organizations existing in each country involved, such as consumer or health area or to participate as cultural ties between ALs in ICANn.

    Recommendation 12 of the report mentioned ALAC 2008/2012 on consumer and understand that it is important to involve them. Achieving this participation can be a specific objective of each ALs, and a job that they would make  in their own country.

    I think it should be increased outreach to society at large. I understand that it is necessary and generate annual systematic plans and periodic (annual or five-year bi) to develop activities to achieve these objectives.
    Disclosure by the same members of Als, (among which we include).

    Something practical minimum would be to have available a generic presentation, standard, with slides of basic information and web address of reference, which could be spread by the same members of ALs or individuals in their countries, and where they might be able to spread .
    You may have already structured presentations for different levels of knowledge or sectors according to local broadcast or which sector is intended presentation (health, consumers, academia).
    Internal Training own ALs is also very important to achieve greater participation. In this they are working is necessary to continue and deepen this.
    Excuse my English.

  2. Another point that I think is important is the recommendation 9. The quickly  translation of documents on which the opinion of the ALs is required, is very important for to increase participation and for to meet on time. Translation would make it easier the task, and  also would accelerate the opinions of the members of ALs on policies. In adittion it is very important the translation of documents to  work the working groups. more people could participate in these working groups and would be easier to meet deadlines for comment.