Lise Fuhr, Maarten Simon, Holly Gregory, Greg Shatan, Jonathan Robinson, Sharon Flanagan



1. Opening Remarks

2. Confirmation of current legal work including 

    • Updating/editing the Bylaws Matrix - Appeals mechanism and the “approve or veto” issue
    • Monitoring of dependencies/requirements on the CCWG proposal

3. Consideration of prospective legal work such as the Bylaws drafting

4. Review of financial monitoring/process

5. Ongoing need for Client Committee meetings? Currently scheduled. Move to ad-hoc? 

6. Any other business/issues?


Opening Remarks

Purpose of Client Com is to make an effecient link between the large CWG and the contracted legal counsel. Limited in remit to functional purpose. 

Confirmation of current legal work

Sidley is monitoring the CCWG work and modifying the Bylaws matrix based on CWG edits. Updates to the IPR memo are on hold. In general, counsel is ready to 
move in any/all direction(s) as instructed.

Bylaws Drafting 

CCWG Chairs have a different process than envisioned by the CWG, but they have indicated that they will not object to the different processes. 

We could formally expect to instruct work on the CWG Bylaws drafting as of next week, subject to a call with Chairs and ICANN on Friday. 

Difference in processes between CWG and CCWG because the CWG is starting with a clean slate (so Sidley could hold the pen). The CCWG work involves modifictions 
to ICANN's Bylaws, so the rationale for ICANN holding the pen is agreed to by the CCWG Chairs.  Sidley believes that it would be more efficient for Sidley to hold the pen 
based on deeper understanding of CCWG intent and nuances of Proposal. 

Monitoring of CWG requirements in CCWG Proposal

Action: Sidley to provide an update on the meeting of requirements so that the CWG can submit this into the CCWG Public Comment before its close on the 12th. Sidley 
will draft the comment for submission by early next week (latest Tuesday). 

Lise will be the point person for this action, and will keep Sidley updated on budget veto or approval.  

Review of financial monitoring/process

Sidley provided a discount at the outset. 

Sidley has an arrangement with the CCWG Chairs to see their billing, but billing should not be public. 

Sidley is ok with bills being shared with the Client Committee (confidential)

Action: Chairs to request billing from ICANN with Sidley's permission and inform the CWG of process for review and monitoring. 

Action (Grace): Move call to Thursday 13:00 UTC every 2 weeks. 

Goals for Friday call

  • Clarity on processes for CWG and CCWG
  • Instructions/agreement to move forward
  • Establish a plan for the drafting process: who decides, will there be public comment periods, etc. 

·  If time allows, review of financial monitoring process



Chat Transcript

  Brenda Brewer: (9/1/2015 08:42) Welcome to Client Committee Meeting #16 on 01 September 2015!

  Jonathan Robinson: (09:00) Let's give Martin a minute or two.

  Maarten Simon, SIDN: (09:04) i am in

  Greg Shatan: (09:05) Jonathan disappeared in mid-sentence....

  Brenda Brewer: (09:06) Lise is now on audio

  Lise Fuhr: (09:15) Hi I am in the Adobe room too now

  Sharon Flanagan (Sidley): (09:15) Can you resend to us - the invite was cancelled

  Grace Abuhamad: (09:15) If there are others missed from counsel, please let us know. I invited only the Chairs' requested folks.

  Grace Abuhamad: (09:16) Ok I will resend

  Grace Abuhamad: (09:16) sent!

  Maarten Simon, SIDN: (09:19) I agree with the suggested way forwad but would like to see a plan how the whole thing will go further (who decides, will there be
public comment periods, etc.)

  Jonathan Robinson: (09:25) @Maarten. Acknowledging your comment. Hopefully this arises out of the co-ordination call on Friday.

  Holly Gregory (Sidley): (09:25) Staff clarification for notes:  Sidley believes that it would be more efficient for Sidley to hold the pen based on deeper understanding
of CCWG intent and nuances of Proposal. 

  Sharon Flanagan (Sidley): (09:25) agree with Greg - it's a useful roadmap for us

  Sharon Flanagan (Sidley): (09:26) and we may just use it internally - I don't think we need to keep circulating it

  Grace Abuhamad: (09:26) Thanks @holly. more nuanced

  Greg Shatan: (09:27) I agree with Sidley's belief that it would be more efficient for Sidley to carry its work with the CCWG through to the first draft of the Bylaws.

  Maarten Simon, SIDN: (09:36) great

  Lise Fuhr: (09:42) Yes but later

  Greg Shatan: (09:42) I am fine with "putting a pin in it."  We have more present issues.

  Sharon Flanagan (Sidley): (09:58) Could I request we move the call 30 minutes earlier?

  Sharon Flanagan (Sidley): (09:58) even better

  Greg Shatan: (09:58) Early riser?

  Sharon Flanagan (Sidley): (09:59) Thanks all

  Maarten Simon, SIDN: (09:59) thanks

  Greg Shatan: (09:59) Bye!

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