Members:  Avri Doria, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Donna Austin, Eduardo Diaz, Elise Lindeberg, Graeme Bunton, Greg Shatan, Jaap Akkerhuis, Jonathan Robinson, Lise Fuhr, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Paul Kane, Staffan Jonson   (13)

Participants:  Alan Greenberg, Andrew Sullivan, Brenden Kuerbis, Chuck Gomes, Gary Hunt, James Gannon, Keith Davidson, Kurt Pritz, Maarten Simon, Mark Carvell, Matthew Shears, Paul Szyndler, Pitinan Kooarmornpatana, Stephanie Duchesneau, Steve Crocker, Suzanne Woolf, Tomohiro Fujisaki, Wale Bakare, Wolf-Ulrich Knoben, Yasuichi Kitamura   (20)

Staff:  Bernard Turcotte, Berry Cobb, Brenda Brewer, Grace Abuhamad, Marika Konings, Theresa Swinehart

Apologies:  Allan MacGillivray, Seun Ojedeji, Robert Guerra, Sivasubramanian Muthusamy, Rudi Vansnick, Christopher Wilkinson

**Please let Brenda know if your name has been left off the list (attendees or apologies).**

Proposed Agenda: 

1. Opening Remarks

2. Proposal 2.2.1

3. Design Teams

     A. Updates from DT leads

     B. Remarks

     C. 'To be determined' areas

4. Update from Client Committee (Greg)

5. F2F Agenda and Logistics

6. AOB

7. Closing Remarks


Note: roll call will be taken from Adobe Connect

1. Opening Remarks

Timeline to be assessed after F2F meeting in Istanbul - target is to publish draft proposal for public comment by early April.

2. Proposal 2.2.1

Minor revisions made to address comments received. Work in progress - any input welcome, including orientation of DT in proposal itself. Some working assumptions have been made in this document, but these will be updated to reflect the proposed recommendations by the DT once agreed by the CWG. 

3. Design Teams

Input to be provided by Monday at 18.00 UTC for consideration in Istanbul. Draft template has been provided to facilitate content development by design teams. Expression of interest for priority 2 DT will be recorded, but those DT are not active yet. 

DT-L Update

Progressing at pace. Work is being phased - working on phase 1 (looking at existing documents) and 2 (building on existing documents and define what may be needed). Two DIDP requests have been filed for documents that are currently referenced in the IANA Functions Contract. May be linkage with DT G concerning intellectual property. 

DT-A Update

The DT hopes to publish its recommendations over the weekend. No further updates at this stage.

DT-B Update

Survey will go out soon to ccTLD community. No further updates at this stage.

DT-C Update

Document expected to be circulated by Monday's deadline.

DT-D Update

Excellent exchanges on the email list. DT now to capture those conversations in the content template in view of being able to share it with the CWG by Monday's deadline.  

DT-E Update

Initial review of SAC 69 prepared by staff to be circulated to CWG. This may be similar to red team assignment or this work can be used by the red team as a starting point?

DT-F Update

A few volunteers have come forward, Rudi Vansnick has volunteered to be the lead. Grace working with DT on next steps. 

DT-M Update

Guidance paper circulated by Chris Disspain contains a number of suggestions in relation to escalation mechanisms. DT M is using that as a kick-off point. 

DT-N Update

Question of what is being reviewed has still not been clarified - is it just the SOW or the IANA Function as a whole. Dependent to a certain extent on the SOW, but work could already commence on those areas that are not dependent on the SOW. DT may also want to review the guidance document as it may provide a starting point. Should there be another team that would work on the review of the IANA Function? DT to work on scope and chairs to consider whether it should be one or two design team - shouldn't prevent DT to work on SOW review as currently defined in the draft proposal. See latest draft of scoping template at

Action: Add Red Team to the list in the next iternation as DT O. 

Action: Design Teams to review guidance document and see if there are elements that could help inform deliberations. 

4. Update from Client Committee (Greg)

Sidley has provided first draft response to 12 questions that were provided in the legal scoping document which has been circulated to the client committee and the CWG. Client committee will meet later today. Work is currently being done by Sidley, hence 'quietness' on the client committee mailing list. Substantive discussion expected to take place in Istanbul. 

5. F2F Agenda and Logistics 

Draft agenda has been circulated - will be work in progress as output of DT is processes as well as possible additional input from Sidley. Calendar invites, including RP details will be circulated shortly. 

6. AOB

7. Closing Remarks

No meeting scheduled for next Tuesday. 

Action Items

Action (all): review proposal 2.2.1 and provide input

Action (all): identify if there are any gaps that are currently not addressed or identified by design teams

Action (Robert & Cheryl): suggest text to fill out sections 4 and 5 of proposal (Wiki will serve as basis) 

Action: What is the origin of the text in v.2.2  section III.A.1.1 now and what guidance has NTIA &/or ICG already issued. 

Action: All DTs aim to produce drafts for F2F by 18:00 UTC Monday

Action (staff): relocate periodic review function and assess where it fits in the Draft proposal

Action (Staff): Add Red Team at end of DT list to to examine whether there are any issues with respect to meeting NTIA's criteria, particularly with respect to security and stability and prevention of capture. This is a particular form of stress testing

Action (Martin): complete discussion on Principles on mailing list (including 7.ii. and footnote 1)

Action (Avri): CCWG issues for the CWG - identify whether there are any additional items (see also 

Action: Add Red Team to the list in the next iternation as DT O.

Action: Design Teams to review guidance document and see if there are elements that could help inform deliberations. 


Transcript CWG IANA #30 March 19.doc

Transcript CWG IANA #30 March 19.pdf


The Adobe Connect recording is available here:

The audio recording is available here:

Documents Presented

CWG - Draft Transition Plan V2.2.1.pdf

CWG Istanbul Agenda - Draft for 19 March 2015.pdf

Chat Transcript

  Marika Konings:Welcome to the CWG - Stewardship Meeting of 19 March 2015

  Bernard Turcotte - staff support:Good day

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Hello all -- the agenda on appears to not be updated.

  Grace Abuhamad:We usually update after the meeting Olivier

  Grace Abuhamad:but I'll go ahead and put it up for you now

  Jonathan Robinson:Hello All.

  Lise Fuhr:Hello

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Morning all

  Grace Abuhamad:we have an intense typist on the line -- please remember to mute :)

  Jonathan Robinson:Oh dear. I admit that was me!

  Grace Abuhamad:Haha!

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Grace is there no 'default to mute' option for Adobe as a setting somewhere?

  Grace Abuhamad:no, it's default 'speak' if I give everyone mic access through Adobe

  Staffan Jonson:Hi All

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Pity thats needs to be a feature request =)

  Staffan Jonson:Jonathan, you're breaking up a bit

  Keith ccNSO:I will only be on this call for 1 hour

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:audio is fine for me here in the antipodeas

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:On the to do list... re RFP5 Wiki update

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Audio fine here

  Andrew Sullivan:Thanks for integrating my comments.  I'm still re-checking everything, but I appreciate the work this takes.

  Staffan Jonson:Fine now

  Grace Abuhamad:Will do @Jonathab

  Avri Doria:as a reminder, the living version of that  CWG-CCWG accountabilty dependency doc is:

  Greg Shatan (GNSO/CSG/IPC):It's alive!

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Creating new lifeforms now aswell =)

  Avri Doria:iving docs are an old thing.

  Avri Doria:living docs....

  Donna Austin, RySG:Thanks Bernie

  Donna Austin, RySG:yep, thanks Jonathan

  Grace Abuhamad:The template for DT-L is here:

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Re DT-D  we have been having some excellent On mail list interaction and I want to thank the Members for this so far and to in the next 24hrs+ in prep for the  doc deadline on Monday, we nee to capture the matted so far discussed and start populating the outputs template, to reflect our work to date... this will also be reflected in a google doc and of course our wiki space...

  Matthew Shears:thanks James

  Grace Abuhamad:DT-L document draft is available here:

  Grace Abuhamad:Expressions of interest are noted in the status document

  Marika Konings:If we've missed anyone's expression of interest, please let me know (it is not easy to keep up with all the emails ;-)

  Grace Abuhamad:This is for DTs that are "priority 2" such as DT-G; DT-H; DT-I; DT-J; DT-K

  Paul Kane:We hope to publish over the w/end

  Paul Kane:no other update

  Grace Abuhamad:Allan sent apologies

  Maarten Simon, SIDN:no update

  Paul Kane:Survey for B will go out soon

  Maarten Simon, SIDN:thanks paul

  Staffan Jonson:No Update

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Also Grace and Johnathan can we have the note on Design Team L removed as we are not pending legal advice at this time (This was an old note I belive)

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Yes Template is noted

  Grace Abuhamad:will do. Thanks @James

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Thanks Grace

  Avri Doria:it seems like a reasnable approach

  Avri Doria:to use SAC69 as input for red team

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Yes red team can use 69 as its risks to be examined scoping doc

  Avri Doria:or at least among the risks.

  Avri Doria:a design team can look at varrious things as input

  Marika Konings:Is there any objection if I change the title of DT E to SAC69/Red Team?

  Jaap Akkerhuis (SSAC):SSAC 69 refers to 68 and 67 as well...

  Marika Konings:the lead can then complete the template and define what the scope should be

  Matthew Shears:+ 1 Greg and Avri

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Yes I agree

  Avri Doria:keep them separate for now.

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):My fault, alphabetical order is obviously not my strong point =)

  Avri Doria:help from chairs and volunteers

  Avri Doria:yes thr CD doc should be included as input for N

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):the review of the operator vs contract

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Bah Greg beat me to it

  Brenden Kuerbis:I agree

  Matthew Shears:yes, I tend to agree as well

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):+1 Greg, Brenden, Matt

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Thw SOW review would be a subset of an operational review, but could be a different timeline.

  Avri Doria:and the timelines should be syched, or at least as well as the can be.

  Avri Doria:... or at least coordinanated as well ...

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Agreed, you could have a SOW review annually feeling into a 3/5 year operational review or similar.

  Avri Doria:Greg lets work on the description ...

  Avri Doria:they are linked.

  Alan Greenberg:The How is it working MAY point to a required SOW change. But that does not mean that this triggers the overall SOW review.

  Greg Shatan (GNSO/CSG/IPC):The description of DT-N only deals with how one might review the SOW.  It doesn't deal with how the IANA Functions operations will be reviewed.

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):I think just break it out into 2 DTs DTs can be interlinked one overarching issue does not nessesarily need to be in a single DT

  Matthew Shears:perhaps we need to establish what the review would incorporate be beyond the SOW

  Avri Doria:Matt that is what I have been saying.

  Greg Shatan (GNSO/CSG/IPC):I also think these should be two DTs.

  Avri Doria:Greg, so define a second design team!

  Avri Doria:DT-O

  Greg Shatan (GNSO/CSG/IPC):I will try to take a stab at a DT on periodic review of the IANA Functions, as opposed to periodic reviewing of the SOW document.

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):+1 Lise better to work with the groups as opposed to large guidance docs

  Lise Fuhr:Sorry I have to leave now

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Very valuable though lot of interesting advice in the doc, and they seem to be getting up to speed very well

  Matthew Shears:Its a very useful and interesting initial doc

  Avri Doria:for those intersted the drive doc on DT-N:

  Eduardo Diaz - (ALAC):Is the document Greg refering to posted in the WIKI?

  Grace Abuhamad:not yet.

  Grace Abuhamad:I'll do it now

  Maarten Simon, SIDN:also on the CWG list

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:ok Thanks @Greg! Reassuring to see that Sigley is concentrating on the work & the questions are clear.

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Yes if anything its a good thing, means Sidley ahve a good handle on the work neded and dont need 'hand holding'

  Grace Abuhamad:@Eduardo -- document is on Wiki now:

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):I hope Xplane isnt being flwon out instead of maybe bringin more participants from the community..

  Marika Konings:@OCL - correct

  Matthew Shears:agree we should make the most of the time we have together

  James Gannon (GNSO/NCSG):Grace would it be possible even to have a small number 2/3 adobe sessions for ad-hoc usage?

  Chuck Gomes (RySG):Thanks all

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:Thanks Jonathan ... Thanks all see some of you in Istanbul... Safe travels...

  Maarten Simon, SIDN:thanks

  Matthew Shears:thanks

  Jaap Akkerhuis (SSAC):No business from here. Have a good meeting in Istanbul, bye for now

  Wale Bakare:Bye, thanks

  Bernard Turcotte - staff support:goodbye

  Brenden Kuerbis:thanks, bye all

  Andrew Sullivan:bye all

  Pitinan Kooarmornpatana:thanks all


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