Sub-Group Members:   David McAuley, Edward Morris, Greg Shatan, Leon Sanchez, Philip Corwin, Par Brumark, Robin Gross, Samantha Eisner

Staff:  Adam Peake, Brenda Brewer, Grace Abuhamad


**Please let Brenda know if your name has been left off the list (attendees or apologies).**





Recordings for this call are not available due to the sensitive material discussed during the meeting.  Redacted transcripts, however, are provided above.

Proposed Agenda

Recap of our call with Firm 1

Concerns raised on the mailing list

Temperature on call with new firm next steps


Introductory comments - Firm 1 is highly qualified to perform and provide the necessary advice

Concerns noted regarding timelines for engaging with a firm.

The directive letter between Firm 1 and ICANN regarding the client relationship very encouraging, to primarily serve CCWG/CWG interests as the client,


Duty of loyalty answers were good. 

Speaking with the other firm may have benefits of a second opinion

Shared concerns that answers from Firm 1 lawyer about membership was unusual.  Why mutual benefit organizations were relevant to the conversation. Less strength in non-profit as would have liked.

Question: Would it be possible for Firm 1 to take advice from Firm 2 on non profit issues?

Question:  Should the call be redacted and recoding stopped while discussing firms?

Suggestion to hold a further call l with Firm 2 next week, Monday 15 March preferably.  ICANN will support speaking with further firms.  Need to find out if they are still interested.  They have received further briefing materials.


Agreement to produce a redacted portion of the transcript. The recording can also be edited to match the transcript

Note Firm 2's comment of their working with other firms, suggest asking how they typically do that.

Thinking for CWG concerns also need some expertise on Trusts.


Aim to have a call with Firm 2 on Monday.

Action:  Staff  to set up a doodle poll for times on Monday 15 March


Following call with Firm 2, will hold  a de-brief call where we can make a decision on the firm. 2 hour slot.  Would be very helpful to be able to inform the CCWG on the regular Tuesday call.



Action Items

Action:  Staff  to set up a doodle poll for times on Monday 15 March

Documents Presented

Chat Transcript

AC Chat:

  Brenda Brewer: (3/12/2015 18:57) HI Leon and Edward!

  Edward Morris: (18:57) Hi Brenda and Leon!

  Pär Brumark (GAC): (18:59) Hi everyone!

  Robin Gross [GNSO - NCSG]: (19:00) Hello!

  Robin Gross [GNSO - NCSG]: (19:01) Do we have an agenda for this call?

  David McAuley: (19:01) Hello all

  Leon Sanchez: (19:01) Hi Robin!

  Leon Sanchez: (19:01) We should but I just didn't send it. Sorry for that. Hectic days

  Leon Sanchez: (19:01) but the proposed agenda could be the following:

  David McAuley: (19:01) that's for sure Leon


  Leon Sanchez: (19:02) next steps

  Leon Sanchez: (19:02) Does that sound like a plan?

  Leon Sanchez: (19:02) any suggestions?¿

  David McAuley: (19:02) sounds good to me

  Robin Gross [GNSO - NCSG]: (19:03) yes, it does.  Thanks.


 David McAuley: (19:14) good point about pitching Greg

  David McAuley: (19:14) Leon - just got cut off

  David McAuley: (19:14) lost the line

  Edward Morris: (19:14) Agree with everything being said.

  Grace Abuhamad: (19:15) should we dial you David? or will you dial yourself?

  David McAuley: (19:17) I meant cost-wise Sam

  David McAuley: (19:18) Not approval-wise

  David McAuley: (19:19) Hi Grace - just saw your note - I dropped the line and got back in

  Grace Abuhamad: (19:20) :)

  Adam Peake: (19:22) Law firm names can be removed from notes (firm 1 firm 2 etc)

  Robin Gross [GNSO - NCSG]: (19:22) how about portions?

  Edward Morris: (19:23) Agree with Robin

  Robin Gross [GNSO - NCSG]: (19:23) okay - that would be fine.  Thanks.

  Samantha Eisner: (19:29) Brenda, they are available anytime other than 12:30-2:30 PDT

  David McAuley: (19:29) agree w/Greg, thanks Sam

  David McAuley: (19:30) and thanks Leon, Grace, Brenda

  Samantha Eisner: (19:30) and available early or late in the day if needed

  David McAuley: (19:30) and Adam

  David McAuley: (19:32) good plan Leon -


  Pär Brumark (GAC): (19:32) Yes!

  Greg Shatan: (19:32) The calls i participated in for CWG worked well at 90 minutes.  60 felt a little rushed.

  Brenda Brewer: (19:33) I will send Doodle tonight.

  Samantha Eisner: (19:33) On CWG, we went straight to a debrief after, if that would be acceptable to this group

  David McAuley: (19:33) Sam nailed it with 60 to 90 min

  Robin Gross [GNSO - NCSG]: (19:33) yes that makes sense

  Greg Shatan: (19:34) Noboy minds knocking off a 90 minute call 10 minutes early


 David McAuley: (19:34) no - not from me

  Robin Gross [GNSO - NCSG]: (19:35) thanks, bye!

  David McAuley: (19:35) great - than you Leon and team

  Edward Morris: (19:35) Thanks Leon

  Greg Shatan: (19:36) I think Robin is a great first choice, if she's not available I can jump in.

  Samantha Eisner: (19:36) thanks all

  Pär Brumark (GAC): (19:36) Thx all!

  Greg Shatan: (19:36) Bye, all.

  Leon Sanchez: (19:36) bye all!

  Leon Sanchez: (19:36) thanks!

  Leon Sanchez: (19:36) good call!


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