Members: Wanawit Ahkuputra; Jaap Akkerhuis; Donna Austin; Graeme Bunton; Fatima Cambronero; Olivier Crepin-Leblond; Eduardo Diaz; Avri Doria; Lise Fuhr; Robert Guerra; Erick Iriarte; Paul Kane; Elise Lindeberg; Vika Mpisane; Seun Ojedeji; Greg Shatan

ParticipantsGuru Acharya; Carolina Aguerre; Paradorn Athichitsakul; Wale Bakare; Martin Boyle; Becky Burr; Mark Carvell; Alissa Cooper; Phil Corwin; Stephanie Duchesneau; Amr Elsadr; Lars-Erik Forsberg; Tomohiro Fujisaki; Chuck Gomes; Alan Greenberg; Don Hollander; Tony Holmes; Stacey King; Yasuichi Kitamura; Mwendwa Kivuva; Wolf-Ulrich Knoben; Pitinan Kooarmornpatana; Brenden Kuerbis; Cheryl Langdon-Orr; Allan MacGillivray; Camino Manjon-Sierra; Kieren McCarthy; Desiree Miloshevic; Sivasubramanian Muthusamy; Plamena Popova; Leon Sanchez; Matthew Shears; Maarten Simon; Peter Van Roste; Suzanne Woolf; Jiankang Yao

Staff: Grace Abuhamad; Bart Boswinkel; Berry Cobb; Marika Konings; Bernard Turcotte; Theresa Swinehart

Apologies: Jonathan Robinson; Byron Holland; Fouad Bajwa; Mathieu Weill; 

**Please let Grace know if your name has been left off the list (attendees or apologies).**


1. Welcome & Roll Call

2. Notes from last meeting & Review of action items

    - Update on progress to date

    - Update on summary of subgroup 3 discussions

3. Second reading of Principles   

4. Third and final reading for Proposal on how to structure the work

5. Status on work – subgroups    

6. Any other business

    - Update on the Drafting Team for Accountability CCWG

7 Summary of action items and agreed items

Notes & Action Items 4/11


1. Welcome & Roll call

Action staff: send out calender invites for all meetings in 2014

Rapoteurs RFP 1-2B appointed by the ub-groups

Rapporteru RFP 3 will most likely to be appointed on call 6 November


2. Action items

All completed,

additional information email staff: discussion  summary discussion on options. 


Project plan 

Activties CWG, purpose to track activites of CWG

Will be send every week to inform mebers and particpants on progress of the CWG.

If questions realting Project plan sent them to the list


3. Second reading Principles

Call for discussion on principles on-line, no comments etc. 

Introduction by Martin Boyle on principles/ criteria as basis to test proposals

Document is intended as strawman, for discussion 

ccTLD bias, developed in context of CENTR European ccTLD regional Organisation



Service levels , including decision aginst policy

Redress mechanism


Comments from today and next 48 hours on line will be consolidated in next version by Martin

Action Martin Boyle: consolidate comments in next version to be shared with group and for discussion in Frankfurt


4. Third and final reading Working structure

Addition to RFP 3, not intended to split the work, but to ensure items will be covered.

No further comments on line or during the call, hence adopted


5. Status Work of Subgroups

Draft on RFP 1 and RFP 2A open for comments  and questions by the full group. To be submitted on email lists


Sub Group RFP 1 report

Presentation Chuck Gomes ( rapporteur)

Structure: RFP 1 2A and 2B: basis for RFP 2A and RFP 2B i.e. RFP 2A and @B will refer back to RFP 1


RFP 1, follows structure of ICG RFP

All rpovide comments on RFP 1


Includes differntiation and delineation of  functions for ccTLDs and gTLDs 


Subgroup RFP 2A report 

RFP 2A critical for RFP 3

Modification of title: (IIA).

Some Principles and Guideliens imprtant for context.

Sources of policy are identifiesd in table, for some additonal comments are included

Refernece in the foornotes to documents


Exisitng arrangements

Table shows main and supplemental sources


Details to be proividd on process steps for delegation and redelgation of ccTLDs and gTLDs


Action all: review RFP 2A and provide feed-back and input. Staff to track changes under auspicies of RFP 2A group


Comments on-call RFP 2A

Table format easier to present intricacies of gTLD delegation and redelegation process

ccTLD first presented in narrative format, will be re-formated in table format as well


Subgroup RFP 2B report

RFP 2B realtes to current accountability and oversight mechanism

Provide input for RFP 2C and RFP 3


Subgroup RFP 3 report

Creating a starting point for RFP 3 work


Thursday 6 Nomber 90 minutes call 14.00 UTC- 15.30 UTC.

Action RFP 3 sub-group members: seek rapporteur


Other groups ( RFP 4 and 5) also to seek rappoterus an dinform 




Cross Community on Accountability

Drafting Team for Accountability CCWG has delivered a proposed charter to SO/ACs for adoption. Hopefully, all chartering organizations will have adopted the charter and sent out a call for members/volunteers by the end of November.


Interpretation at F-2-F meeting

F-2-F wil be treated similar way , same tools. Translation of transcript avaialble. Regularly 3 days


7. Summary action items

  • Action staff: send out calender invites for all meetings in 2014
  • Action staff: sent project plan update in advance of all next calls, update standing item on agenda
  • Sub-team RFP 3 to appoint rapporteur and inform Grace
  • Sub-teams RFP 4 and 5 appoint rapporteur and inform Grace
  • All to provide comments and feed-back on Strawman Pirinciples in next 48 hours
  • Martin Boyle to conolidate commetns in next version
  • All provide input to email list on RFP 1
  • Staff to consolidate comments in next version 
  • All provide comments on RFP 2A
  • Sub-team to complete RFP 2A, and send out by end of this week 
  • Staff to consolidate comments



The transcript of the call is available here: Meeting5_4Nov.doc

AR: Meeting5_4Nov-ar.docx

ES: Meeting5_4Nov-es.doc

FR: Meeting5_4Nov-fr.doc

PT: Meeting5_4Nov-fr.doc

RU: Meeting5_4Nov-ru.docx

ZH: Meeting5_4Nov-ZH.doc



The Adobe Connect recording is available here:

The audio recording is available here:

Documents Presented

CWG-IANA Stewardship-Naming Related Functions_20141102.pdf


CWG-PrinciplesandCriteriaV1 0.pdf

IANA CWG RFP Section 1 Proposal 1 Nov 14.docx

IANA Stewardship Transition CWG RFP Section 2A Proposal - 3 Nov 14.docx


Chat Transcript

Grace Abuhamad:Welcome all! The meeting will start in 20min.

  Martin Boyle:Hi all!

  Bernard Turcotte:waiting for the opetor

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:hey 0100 here :-)

  jaap:jaap akkerhuis Joined RSSAC (from the Ripe in Londo)

  Greg Shatan:@Cheryl - that's really the top of the morning....

  Kieren McCarthy:Good morning all

  Sivasubramanian M:Good Morning to everyone

  Elise Lindeberg - GAC:Hello - late in Busan :)

  Fatima Cambronero:hello everyone

  Erick Iriarte:hi.

  Lise Fuhr:Hi Cheryl that is late I hope you can stay awake

  Wale:Good afternoon/morning everyone

  jaap:I'm in a noisy place so will be n mte most of the time

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:situation normal for ICANN calls.  yes I do

  Robert Guerra:HI all.

  Camino Manjon:Hello everyone

  Allan MacGillivray (.ca):I am here but have lost audio.  I will try to re-connect.

  Avri Doria:i di dnot hear my name

  Seun:I did not hear my name too

  Philip Corwin:Good morning all (or whatever time it is for you). Regrets that I must leave this meeting after 1 hour to join anther ICANN WG meeting.

  Grace Abuhamad:@ Avri, @Seun, @Allan, @Phil -- noted

  Matthew Shears (CDT):Morning

  Grace Abuhamad:I will post this to Wiki as well

  Eduardo Diaz - ALAC:Is there a link to the tiemtable?

  Grace Abuhamad:@Eduardo, I will post it now and send the link

  Robert Guerra:Can calendar invites be sent for future calls/meeting. That way it's in our calendar

  Grace Abuhamad:@Eduardo: It's now on the meeting page under the "documents presented" header:

  Grace Abuhamad:@Robert -- I send calendar invites to every individual of the CWG for each meeting

  Seun Ojedeji:@Robert i think i usually receive calender invite in the past

  Robert Guerra:i mean for - all - the meetings in advance. I think , and may be mistaken, that invites sent for just netx mtg

  Chuck Gomes (RySG, Verisign):Berry: Note that there is one subgroup for 1, 2A & 2B and a separate subgroup for 2C.

  Seun Ojedeji:oh...okay, i think i get your point @Robert that can be helpful also

  Berry Cobb:@Chuck.  Thank you.  I kept them separate from a deliverable perspective, but we do not that they are technically one sub-team.

  Grace Abuhamad:@Robert -- I understand now. I can do that

  Berry Cobb:not (sp)  [note]

  Alan Greenberg:Very difficult to hear,

  Fatima Cambronero:I cannot hear correctly to Martin

  Matthew Shears (CDT):sound is quite poor

  Bernard Turcotte:Martin is faiding in and out for me

  Bernard Turcotte:sounds like he is too far from the mike?

  Robert Guerra:is there a way to call Martin at his hotel?

  Brenden Kuerbis:DIal in?

  Robert Guerra:usually dial in/out is better

  Kieren McCarthy:I can hear but it sounds like Martin is falling asleep. Presumably exhausted in Busan?

  Chuck Gomes (RySG, Verisign):@ Berry: Two subteams for 1 & 2; one for 1, 2A & 2B; a separate one for 2C with a different rapporteur/coordinator.

  Alan Greenberg:HAndset may be better than headset

  Wale Bakare:May be stop and retry the dial up

  Greg Shatan (IPC/CSG/GNSO):+1 to Kieren

  Graeme Bunton - RrSG:meeting invites are appreciated.

  Bernard Turcotte:much better

  Matthew Shears (CDT):not sure about others but sound is still cutting out

  Elise Lindeberg - GAC:I have sent draft cwg principles to the GAC - expecting feedback on them in the process of finishing the GAC principles

  Avri Doria:so we are accepting oversight as a principle? assuming my comment was not a correct one?

  Robert Guerra / SSAC:@matthew - i called in via dial in, sound a lot better

  Elise Lindeberg - GAC:cant get the mic function on - just a comment - i will send it later to the list instead

  Elise Lindeberg - GAC:seems nothing is working soundwice in Busan

  Seun Ojedeji:I think you missed an item

  Seun Ojedeji:item 4

  Matthew Shears (CDT):Re: principles - seems to me that further discussion needs to be had on to whom or what the IANA fucntions operator should be accountable to.

  Lise Fuhr:Seun we did this item when we were waiting for Martin to connect

  Seun Ojedeji:Okay @Lise thanks for the clarification

  Martin Boyle:Thanks Matthew:  useful.  Have you any thoughts?

  Fatima Cambronero:is this document in the Wiki?

  jaap:It will be good to refer directly to ISO 3166 (prt-1)

  Matthew Shears (CDT):@Martin - will post to list - thanks.

  Grace Abuhamad:Yes @Fatima:

  Fatima Cambronero:thanks @Grace!

  Grace Abuhamad:latest upload (2 Nov)

  Elise Lindeberg - GAC:the .int/arpa has been forwarded to the GAC - and then back to me and Wanawit - we will have a discussion on feedback to cwg, but this needs to go through the GAC for comments before we respond on it

  Philip Corwin:Very impressive and informative background document. Chuck.

  Matthew Shears (CDT):+ 1 - excellent

  Allan MacGillivray (.ca):I have lost audio - am I the only one?

  Alan Greenberg:@Phil. yes indeed!

  Alan Greenberg:Still have audio here.

  Alan Greenberg:On both bridge and Adobe

  Robert Guerra - SSAC:great doc/summary. Overview & history is mentioned in ssac advisory 67 - -

  Grace Abuhamad:Yes Allan -- you may want to reload your AC room

  Allan MacGillivray (.ca):Its back now, but Chuck keeps cutting out.  But is fine now.

  Lise Fuhr:@Allan I think it Busan audio...

  Graeme Bunton - RrSG:Apologies, need to move to another WG meeting now.  

  Philip Corwin:Farewell all -- must depart for overlapping PPSAI WG call

  Erick Iriarte:well see you, i'm going to spanish webinar for ccTLDs

  Erick Iriarte:see you

  Robert Guerra:chuck - agree that task at hand is developing possible future options for 2.6. Would ssac 067 be a possible additional reference that documents part of the current process

  Kieren McCarthy:Column missing for Administrator

  Amr Elsadr:Hi. Apologies for being late. I was on another call that just ended.

  Kieren McCarthy:Sorry, Maintainer

  Kieren McCarthy:That missing column is my mistake

  Seun Ojedeji:Welcome Amr

  Stacey King, GNSO (Amazon):I apologize, but I need to drop off the call.  My kids' schools don't accept ICANN calls as a reason for tardiness - :).  Thanks to all the presenters.

  Eduardo Diaz - ALAC:I recommend that we use the same format as  the one previously presented.

  Robert Guerra:eduardo - agree. makes it easier for comparison of different entities involved & role

  Kieren McCarthy:FYI the reason for two different table structures is that we ran out of time in the editing proess in order to get the document to the broader CWG in time

  Eduardo Diaz - ALAC:@kieren: Thank for the clarification

  Robert Guerra:got it. great wrk btw

  Kieren McCarthy:The information is all correct - as far as I am aware - but the format is not tidied up

  Becky Burr:good morning, apologies for joining late

  Robert Guerra:curious if board reconsideration appeal fits in any of the DRP's listed

  Allan MacGillivray (.ca):Well done Chuck and Kieren.

  Robert Guerra:+1 to allan's comments

  Rudi Vansnick:great work, very understandable, an enrichment of my knowledge of IANA functions

  Lars Erik Forsberg:Great job!

  Avri Doria:can we have it unsynced now that the talk is done?

  Grace Abuhamad:@Avri -- done

  Avri Doria:thanks

  Fatima Cambronero:+1 great job!

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:excellent work...

  Kieren McCarthy:To sum up very broadly: delegation in gTLDs - relatively simple; delegation in ccTLDs - much more complicated

  Seun Ojedeji:Now that Chucks is done, I ask to be excused leave early to enable a fiarly long drive home to be ready on-time for another meeting. It was also a pleasure being part of the group as it was quite informative and educating for me. Thanks

  Mark Carvell:hello all - sorry i'm late - just came off a gac-gnso call.

  Wale Bakare:That is a nice one . Maybe RFP2A and RFP3 can work on the critical aspect of verification and validation.

  Chuck Gomes (RySG, Verisign):@ Robert: Section 2B will address existing oversight and accountability options like the reconsideration process.

  Chuck Gomes (RySG, Verisign):@ Kieren: What are referrring to as Administrator?

  Kieren McCarthy:My mistake Chuck - I meant Maintainer

  Kieren McCarthy:corrected myself right after

  Amr Elsadr - GNSO/NCSG:I'd also prefer that Thursday's call be pushed back a couple of hours.

  Chuck Gomes (RySG, Verisign):@ Robert: Please send your suggestion re. SAC067 to the full CWG list.

  Robert Guerra:chuck - will do

  Kieren McCarthy:What I would be interested in hearing - if it is possible - is a summary of what the big deciding topics are that have emerged in the past week on the list

  Chuck Gomes (RySG, Verisign):@Kieren: Yes. We had maintainer in earlier versions.

  Amr Elsadr - GNSO/NCSG:There is a motion to adopt the charter on the GNSO Council's agenda for next week's meeting.

  Grace Abuhamad:Here is link to the DT Charter:

  Fatima Cambronero:thanks @Grace

  Marika Konings:The proposed charter includes specific provisions to ensure co-ordination with this CWG and avoid overlap in relation to scope.

  Fatima Cambronero:thanks

  Robert Guerra:chuck - my comments quickly just sent to the list.

  Mark Carvell:Draft CCWG charter has been circulated by the GAC chair for quick turnaround and a decision on GAC membership in the CCWG - maybe 5 regional members.

  Robert Guerra:have just sent quick comments that posted here on chat to the mailing list.

  Alan Greenberg:Rather unfortunate that there is no interpretation given that the ICG has such extensive interpretation.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:indeed

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:thanks good call... excellent work from the SG's  

  Chuck Gomes (RySG, Verisign):Thanks Lise

  Bernard Turcotte:bye

  Avri Doria:bye.  thanks

  Amr Elsadr - GNSO/NCSG:Thanks all. Bye.

  Sivasubramanian M:Thank you  Bye

  Pitinan Kooarmornpatana:thanks

  Robert Guerra:bye all

  Fatima Cambronero:thanks all. Bye

  vika mpisane:Thanks

  Martin Boyle:bye

  Elise Lindeberg - GAC:bye bye

  Peter Van Roste - CENTR:When will the latest version of RFP 2A work be available on teh wiki?

  Allan MacGillivray (.ca):Good night, morning everyone.

  Tomohiro Fujisaki:Bye!

  Lars Erik Forsberg:hej da

  Wale Bakare:Bye

  Paradorn Athichitsakul:Byeee

  Mark Carvell:Martin: GAC is now reviewing and finalising its principles document for input into CWG.


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