Call/MeetingDateTimeAgendaRecordingAdobe Connect RecordingChatReportOther
ICANN5115 October 201416:30-17:30 PDT
•Quick review -- PDP, EWG
•Objective of Collaboration Group
•Group’s working methodology
•Next steps
•Date for next meeting/conference call
N/AN/AN/AMinutes - 15Oct2014

Next Steps - PowerPoint

gTLD Registration Services PDP Chart

0128 October 201419:00-20:30 UTC

• Comments on the LA Meeting Report
• Discussion of policy/implementation Issues
• Next steps

Call 01 RecordingAC RecordingCall 01 ChatMinutes - 28Oct2014Breakdown of Policy-Implementation
0217 November 201420:00-21:30 UTC

• Select/Confirm Chair
• Review chart distributed by Staff
• Next steps

Call 02 RecordingAC RecordingCall 02 Chat

Minutes -

Sequencing of EWG RDS Principles
as Input to GNSO PDP
0310 December 201421:00-22:30 UTC

• Review/agree upon EP-WG workplan

    • Confirm steps and deliverables
    • Commit to timeline

• Discuss updated RDS PDP process chart

    • Consider GNSO Council checkpoints, plan for PDP WG oversight
    • Discuss additional inputs needed by PDP WG
    • Review updated PDP WG flow for completeness, clarity


Call 03 RecordingAC RecordingCall 03 ChatMinutes - 10Dec2014

Proposed EP-WG Workplan

Sequencing of EWG RDS Principles
as Input to GNSO PDP

048 January 201520:00-21:30 UTC

• Review Inputs being scoped by James/Susan
• Singapore Planning
• Review guidance for GNSO charter

Call 04 RecordingAC RecordingCall 04 ChatMinutes - 8Jan2015Sequencing of EWG RDS Principles
as Input to GNSO PDP
0529 January 201520:00-21:30 UTC

Review Cost Input being scoped by James
Review Singapore session plans and slides

Call 05 RecordingAC RecordingCall 05 ChatMinutes - 29Jan2015EP-WG All Things Whois Slides (v2)
ICANN527 February 201510:00-10:45 SGT (Room: Sophia)
AC RecordingTranscriptEPWG GNSO
Session Summary
EP-WG GNSO Update Slides (v1)
ICANN529 February 201514:00-15:15 SGT (Room: Canning) RecordingAC RecordingTranscriptEPWG AllThingsWhois
Session Summary
EP-WG All Things Whois Slides (v4)
0620 March 201516:00-17:30 UTC

• Review ICANN52 questions against updated
  framework to finalize edits and fill in gaps
• Review cost analysis input from James and Chris
• Any other business
• Confirm schedule/next steps

Call 06 RecordingAC RecordingCall 06 - ChatMinutes - 20Mar2015

Draft EP-WG Framework (v5)

EP WG Transmittal Letter Draft v2

071 April 201519:00-20:30 UTC 
Call Cancelled

• Final Approval for the updated Framework
• Final Approval for the Transmittal Letter

    Draft EP-WG Framework (v7)
approved via email
 2 April 2015 

• Final Framework
• Final Transmittal Letter
• Subsequent Board Resolution


EWG-Process Group Final Framework 2-4-15.pdf

EWG-Process Group Framework Transmittal Letter 2-4-15.pdf

Board Resolution 26-4-15



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