WEDNESDAY 10 April 2013.

Session Title: The Impact of new generic Top level Domains on NGO’s and NFP´s

Time slot:

09:00 -11:00 a.m.


Function 9 


NGO’s and NFP´s depend on the Internet for large parts of their work, communication and fundraising. There is currently much talk about the introduction of new generic top level domain names for the Internet through ICANN, but what does this mean in everyday practice for NGOs around the world?  A panel of eminent experts/specialists will answer questions from NGOs about "The impact of new gTLDs on NGOs/NFPs" presentations, no power points - just an armchairs or high-chairs discussion setting.

Draft Agenda

After a very short introductory of the experts and a 5-minute overview, giving a quick explanation about the upcoming domain name changes, the participants will have the chance to ask the questions they always wanted to ask but didn’t know where to ask.

Remote participants will connect live to the event.

Preference will be given to questions sent ahead by remote participants as well as to written questions by participants in the room.


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