Como anunciado en la teleconferencia de febrero de 2013, el staff nos ha informado sobre la solicitud de aplicación 177 de una organización de Paraguay -TEDIC.

Se solicita a la comunidad de LACRALO comentarios sobre la misma. Los comentarios pueden hacerse al final de está pagina y/o ser enviados a la lista de correo en cualquier idioma hasta el 5 de marzo a las 23:59 UTC.

A continuación información general de la organización enviada por TEDIC:



As announced in the teleconference of February 2013, staff has informed us about the request of a Paraguayan organization  for application 177 of an





1.1 Name of the organization: TEDIC Association (Technology, Education, Development, Investigation, Communication)

1.2 Type of organization: Association with limited capacity and nonprofit

1.3  Legal Entity N°: 246, folder 3059 date 03/04/2012 

1.4 Organizations created on the 26th of March 2012 in the city of Asunción

1.5 Complete address: Azara nº 941 between EEUU and Tacuary /Asunción.

1.6. Tele/Fax: (595981) 100375

1.7. E-mail:, (principal members)

1.8. Web: 

1.9. Mission statement:

TEDIC Association is an initiative whose main goal is the creation, communication and promotion of real estate, shared resources or common properties with other collectives alike. It is inspired in the philosophy of the “commons” and has as it´s main principle the socialization of all innovations that develop in terms of technology, education, investigation and communication in all directions and platforms that share the vision of common property. TEDIC is centered in the phenomenon of the commons, those resources that are of collective property or shared among populations.

The initiative´s pretentions are that all it´s members make a commitment and focus their efforts in the protection and expansion of common properties in the areas pertaining to socio-cultural actions, cyberspace, the environment, the promotion and protection of technologies that favor the transference of knowledge and the growth of culture and creativity, both individual and collective.

1.10. Objectives:

1) To contribute with the protection and expansion of the common goods through joint venture actions. The focus of the commons has the common goods as it´s central axis for the directions of these actions.

2) To support initiatives that promote the common goods, specially those whose base movements are nonprofit and the informal connections among them. Our work seeks to diminish the problems often found in the organization and collaboration of those initiatives.

3) To facilitate the work of the initiatives and projects by providing resources and free web tools. TEDIC Works as a facilitator for the work of activists, initiatives and projects based on the common goods, providing resources and tools to further their efforts.

4) The socialization of the projects that are moved forward under the TEDIC identity. To establish a period of time in which activities allow socialization between the products and the generated knowledge.

1.11. Names and social security numbers of the members of the Management Committee of the proponing organization.


Name and Surname



Enrique Giménez



Maricarmen Sequera


Vice - President

 Noelia Ferreira


General Secretary

Pablo Castillo



Alejandro Valdez



Carolina Castillo




1.12. Organization Chart

- The Management Committee. Ordinary and Extraordinary

- The Board of Directors

- Associates

TEDIC is a platform of multi and interdisciplinary initiatives, self managed by volunteers denominated “work cells” which form TEDIC´s global directory in which there are no ranks but an articulated management between all the participating cells.

TEDIC stimulates the internal evolution of the work cells towards the nonprofit principles and the reinforcement and horizontality of the commons.

TEDIC allows people as well as the collective groups to find alternatives in each field of action, this way forming a global directory.

 TEDIC enables “clustering”: The automatic alliance with similar groups (collectives that generally don´t make a sufficient effort to recognize similar initiatives). It reduces the duplication of efforts, this way incentivizing collaboration.



The proponing organization´s priors records.

2.1. Signal out the specific problems or demands that your organization faces:

TEDIC has an expeditious spirit. Historically societies are formed around resources. The administration of these resources were settled by agreement and consensus. The management models and tools arise: TEDIC´s original idea is to serve as an arena in which models and tools of agreement are elaborated and released from the exclusivity of the private sphere to which it belongs today. This way allowing for it to be socialized and shared. This way people will begin to generate the results that serve their specific contexts and fortify “the common” and bring about autonomy.

2.2. Briefly describe the organization´s principle activities in the most specific way possible:

The association has as it´s main goal the advancement of the common goods through their creation, use, study, management, exchange, distribution, promotion, protection and preservation.

In the measure in which it is considered convenient, the association will center it´s activities on the intangible common goods which are considered free; for example: knowledge and age old wisdom, free softwares and culture in general. All things that can be used, copied, studied, modified and distributed by any given person.

The association will also develop activities with common good materials such as natural resources, genetics (seeds) and the environment in general. The electromagnetic specter and free communication to name a few.

2.3. Name those who constitute the organization:

Enrique Gimenez. Visual Communicator. Web Developer. “No al Canon Paraguay” Campaign. Independent profesional.

Maricarmen Sequera. Lawyer. Intelectual Property Specialist. Consultant. “No al Canon Paraguay” Campaign. Independent profesional.

Noelia Ferreira. Journalist. Consultant. Experienced in Institutional Communication.

Carolina Castillo. Sociologist. Consultant. Experienced en Community Work.

Maria Glauser. Experienced  in Paraguayan indigenous education. Educational Science Profesional. Project Puerto Abierto. Hub- Asunción. TEDx Asunción.

Pablo Castillo. Web Developer. Consultant. Consultor. “No al Canon Paraguay” Campaign. Independant Profesional. TEDx Asunción.

Viviana Espinola. Web Developer. Consultant “No al Canon Paraguay” Campaign. TEDx Asunción.

Tomas Enrique Cardoso. Computer Programmer. Wikipedia Paraguay Collaborator. “No al Canon Paraguay” Campaign. COOSOLPY Member. Free Software Paraguay Union.

Alejandro Valdez. Visual Communicator. Graphic Designer, Font Specialist. Independent Consultant. “No al Canon Paraguay” Campaign. TEDx Asunción.

2.4. Point out the organization´s income sources:

This initiative is a nonprofit organization. Any profit generated from one of it´s cells is reinvested in TEDIC´s common fund, 5 to 10% of the total net profit of each project, depending on whether it´s funds are national or international and the logistical requirements involved depending on the case. Our ideal would be short-term for cell projects and long term for common projects with all the TEDIC initiative. This way strengthening the alliance that would allow the management of common objectives in a big scale.  

The self sustainment of the initiative is based on the idea that all the funds proceeding from the TEDIC initiative are used to enable the further pursuit of it´s objectives instead of distributing them among it´s directors and representatives, excluding of course the outside help hired to help maintain the structure in function.   




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  1. Me gustaría que comentaran su relación específica con los usuarios finales de Internet, y la forma de comunicación con ellos. Caso contrario, no debería aplicar.


      No comprendemos si se refuiere a usuarios .com o usuarios de aplicaciones.


      La organización es bastante nueva, en Marzo cumple 1 año. La experiencias que tenemos con respecto a los usuarios finales son participación en talleres como la FLISOL 2012. ahora FLISOL 2013. sobre las licencias Creative Commons (somos la organización que representa CC en PY). Libre expresión en la red y todo lo que tenga que ver con la neutralidad de la Red. 

      Asesoramos y denunciamos las practicas que atengan contra la libre expresión en internet y las censuras/bloqueos que atentan la neutralidad de la red: "Paraguay isp censoring site for mocking stockholder's paper - the largest in the country" y en global voice se hice eco y conseguimos apoyos internacional. "ISP's block news website without warrant"

      A partir de esto hemos creado la iniciativa "#megustainternetlibre" (que lo pueden encontrar en actualmente con 400 usuarios que apoyan el proyecto. que tiene como fin concientizar y difundir los derechos fundamentales en internet. Aquí comparto una publicación en Argentina sobre esta iniciativa:


      En el 2012: realizamos un proyecto regional: LIBREBUS Conosur. (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile y Paraguay), desarrollo de talleres y charlas sobre software libre, Internet, licencias abiertas, derechos fundamentales en Internet articulándose con otras comunidades que trabajan en pro-común. Los talleres se realización en distintas ciudades de Paraguay: Asunción- Caacupe, Ciudad del Este, Villa Hayes.  Mas info:






  2. Maricarmen, lamento la emora en contestr, pero tuve problemas en el correo oficial y las notificaciones parecen haberse perdido. Cuando hablamos de usuario de internt, nos referimos a todo usuario que hace uso de internet; que navega, que usa redes sociales, que tiene cuenta de correo, etc. etc.,  No necesariamente que tenga todo eso, sino alguna o algunas de estas facilidades.

    Nuestra misión y por lo tanto la de ustedes si certifican, es ser el puente ente ICANN y ese usuario. Ustedes hasta este momento tienen actividades particulares, no referidas a este tema. Solo deberían aclarar como loharán. Muchas gracias y mis cordiales saludos.

  3. Estimados, he navegado la pagina de la organización ( creo que no cabe duda que TEDIC es una organización aplicable a LACRALO.

    Entiendo que TEDIC es una organización que trabaja en temas como Neutralidad en la Red y NO al Canon, Creative Commons, participa en el FLISOL y en actividades de promoción de software libre (sobre todo como herramienta para la libertad de los individuos y de sus pueblos), por lo tanto tiene una relación directa de su trabajo organizacional con las comunidades de base del Paraguay. Este colectivo organizado, puede aportar un alto valor agregado a LACRALO, sobre temas Técnicos, de Privacidad, y de posición político/filosóficas sobre derechos y miradas desde el lado de los usuarios de Internet.

    Intentaré comunicarme con ellos en el día de hoy (solo para indexar mas valor a la información que surge de la página web), pero adelanto mi coincidencia con la Natalia, recomiendo que se envíe un consejo favorable a ALAC sobre esta organización.

    Saludos cordiales.