LACRALO Communications Working Group
Summary Notes and Action Items
Monday 01 October 2012 at 2200 UTC
Matt reviewed the agenda
Juan Manuel Rojas began the call and reviewed the agenda.
Juan Manuel recalled that it was proposed to make some remarks to the objectives (as listed in the WIKI)
Sylvia Herlein repeated general guidelines and steps.
3. Background on the issue: Will be posted on the wiki page
Juan Manuel: Publish the specific objectives of this working group
Methodology: Established by the group, and will be working for the mailing list
Objectives: Published in the WIKI.
Juan Manuel asked if there were any additional comments on the objectives.
Dev: Working on "Electronic Communications Protocol" was an outstanding issue, we must have guidelines and use short sentences, use short words, a sort of style guide.
Media Policies: Generate a document that applies to everything that has to do with communications LACRALO.
5. Comments or questions about the Communications Policy
Sylvia: Manual of Style:.
Juan Manuel asked that work be done first
a) The policy protocol b) the telecommunications policy document.
Dev mentioned that you have to work both at the same time as this we would advance. Regarding communications policies, do not quite understand why we need a communications policy and we know that this must be transparent and the working group should also be transparent. I do not understand what exactly is a communication policy.
Juan Manuel believes that working with one of the two documents.
Working with the protocol document would be most interesting. If anyone has any thoughts please?
Dev: Since we have agreed to work to work it on the wiki page, and gladly would start working on this document.
Juan Manuel Rojas proposed: Having a draft.
Sylvia Herlein: Dev and offered to draft.
ACTION ITEM Dev: Will create a wiki to start working the protocol document
Next meeting: Periodicals every 15 days, on Mondays.
22 UTC
Heidi: The next meeting would be on 15 but started Toronto, and 22 still have many people traveling.
It would then October 29.
Define the schedule: 18 UTC.
AI: Make a doodle to choose between 18 UTC and 22 UTC.
Dev: Depending on what is decided at the meeting in Toronto, you would have to see the schedule.
Sylvia Herlein: We should talk about the time we took the label protocol. Suggest putting a date to have this document.
Dev: If you agree with the date of October 29 to deliver the draft style guide / protocol Label.
Jose Arce: I mention they had 10 points, and if you can get on the WIKI.
AI: Juan Manuel update the wiki with the points of the working group.
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