Board approves the Charter recommended by the Structural Improvements Committee for the Board Technical Relations Working Group.


Whereas, on 18 March 2011, the Board resolved to receive the Final Report of the TLG Review and to establish a Board Technical Relations WG, while directing the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) to develop a Charter for this WG "based upon the report of the TLG review, comments to that review and any other available information, for consideration at the Board meeting of 21 April 2011", at

Whereas, the SIC has developed a proposed Charter for the BTR WG.

Whereas, the SIC, at its 11 April 2011 meeting, unanimously agreed to recommending the proposed BTR WG Charter for adoption by the Board.

RESOLVED (2011.04.21.12), the Board approves the BTR WG Charter proposed by the SIC subject to final adjustment of the Charter to include a step for further review and instructs the SIC, in coordination with staff, to support and follow the work of the WG.

Implementation Actions

  •   Adjust the Charter 
    •  Responsible entity: SIC
    •  Due date: None provided
    •  Completion date: April 2011
  • Support and follow the work of the BTR WG
    • Responsible entity: SIC, in coordination with Staff
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: Ongoing


The proposed action is in direct response to a request from the Board and serves to advance the handling of the TLG review outcome in line with the direction set forth by the Board. While community input was not sought nor necessary for the drafting of this Charter, the WG is expected to consult with the community as it reaches its recommendations. The functioning of the BTR WG will require some support from existing staff and certain limited expenditures. There is no reason to delay this action as it would have very marginal budgetary consequences. This action will not have any input on the security or stability of the DNS.

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