Board approves public comment period as to BGC's work to identify an entity to select a NomCom voting member to represent academic and similar organizations or to amend the Bylaws eliminating the provisions for such a selecting entity.


Whereas, Article VII, Section 2.8.c of the ICANN Bylaws requires the NomCom to include a voting member selected by "an entity designated by the Board to represent academic and similar organizations" (Selecting Entity).

Whereas, despite attempts to identify a Selecting Entity, the Board has not succeeded, and instead has made direct recommendations of delegates to represent academia on the NomCom. In addition to the Board-selected delegate, there have consistently been multiple delegates on each NomCom from academia.

Whereas, in 2010, the Board directed the BGC to create a process for identifying a Selecting Entity, and the BGC has raised concerns relating to the identification and evaluation of the Selecting Entity.

Whereas, the BGC has determined that the community may provide guidance on an appropriate Selecting Entity or metrics to help in identification or evaluation of the Selecting Entity.

Whereas, in the event that that the community comment does not inform the identification or approval of an appropriate Selecting Entity, the BGC is prepared to recommend that Article VII, Section 2.8.c be removed from the Bylaws. If, in the future the academic sector becomes under-represented on the NomCom, the creation of a mechanism should be considered to assure that academia has a voice in the selection of ICANN leadership.

RESOLVED (2011.04.21.04), the Board approves the initiation of a 30-day period of public comment to obtain community input to inform the BGC's future work on the identification of an entity to make appointments to the NomCom as called for in Article VII, Section 2.8.c of the Bylaws. The public comment will also address the potential proposed Bylaws amendments regarding the removal of this Bylaws provision in the event that the community comment process does not result in the identification of an appropriate entity.

Implementation Actions

  • Open public comment forum regarding the identification of an entity to make appointments to the NomCom
    • Entity Responsible: ICANN staff
    • Due date: None stated
    • Completion date: 30 April 2011


The rationale is available at Rationale

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  •  Other resolutions TBD.

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