The call will take place on Monday, 26 June 2023 at 17:30 UTC for 60 minutes.

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  1. Welcome (Sebastien)
  2. ICANN org updates
  3. How to best to promote and secure comprehensive use of the system, both by potential requestors as well as ICANN accredited registrars.
    1. Any further feedback following ICANN77 discussion?
    2. Next steps – continue conversations in sub-team/separate group consisting of RrSG comms group / requestor reps and ICANN org?
  4. Addendum other topics
    1. Confirm outcome of discussions to date:
      • API – not for first phase, but leave door open to reconsider after launch of RDRS if demand warrants.
      • Confidentiality options for LE requests – check box will be added for LEA to request confidentiality. Language accompanying the text box is being finalized.
      • Billing mechanism – not to be implemented for RDRS at this stage.
      • Requests submitted fall under “reasonable access” & phase 1 requirements – see response from ICANN org. Awaiting feedback from ICANN org on whether registrars can direct requestors to RDRS instead of dealing with the requests directly would be considered in compliance.
      • Ability for requestor to indicate if they do not agree with information logged by registrar – ICANN org to suggest how this can be best addressed (for example, by information in the FAQ or in RDRS how/who a requestor can notify.)
    2. Consider next steps (if any)
  5. Consider approach and format through which, following implementation of the system, data should be reviewed and analyzed to help inform subsequent decisions on how to proceed with the SSAD recommendations
  6. Confirm next meeting – Monday 10 July at 17.30 UTC 



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Notes/ Action Items

  1. Following concerns raised during the first RDRS webinar, the ICANN org team proposed to remove Priority 2 as an option for the RDRS pilot. As a reminder, Priority 2 requests from the EPDP Phase 2 Final Report [] are defined as “ICANN Administrative Proceedings – disclosure requests that are the result of administrative proceedings under ICANN’s contractual requirements or existing Consensus Policies, such as UDRP and URS verification requests.” (See p. 31 of Final Report []) UDRP/URS providers have established channels to request information from registrars based on UDRP and URS Complaints, so adding another parallel channel (via RDRS) could cause duplication and confusion. To avoid this, ICANN org suggested, and the Small Team agreed, that Priority 2 requests can be removed from the RDRS pilot.
  2. Action: ICANN org to share the screen shot examples for confidentiality of requests no later than Monday, July 3.
  3. Following Steve DelBianco's explanation, the Small Team agreed to proceed with six groups of requestors for purposes of marketing and education. Specifically, the identified groups and associated volunteers are as follows:

- a. NEW Commercial organizations and organizations trying to protect consumers: Steve D.

- b. EXPERIENCED Commercial organizations and organizations trying to protect consumers: Steve D.

- c. NEW Security professionals: Steve C.

- d. EXPERIENCED Security Professionals: Steve C.

- e. NEW Law enforcement entities: Laureen, Chris L.

- f. EXPERIENCED Law enforcement entities: Laureen, Chris L.

    4. Action: ICANN org to produce a one page google doc and send to the small team. Following ICANN org’s delivery of the draft document, the designated volunteers + other interested members are tasked with adjusting the text based on their knowledge of the intended audience.

    5. Small team to consider about the approach and format through which the data coming out of RDRS should be reviewed and analyzed in advance of the next meeting on Monday, 10 July 2023.

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