The call will take place on Monday, 07 November 2022 at 14:00 UTC for 90 minutes.

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  1. Welcome

      2. Recap of ICANN org responses received:

          a. Logging request data for requests associated with non-participating registrars:
ICANN org believes that the WHOIS Disclosure System could collect and retain responses to “pick list” questions submitted by requestors for domains managed by non-participating registrars. The system could also collect free-text responses to the “domain name subject to the request” and “other applicable law (non-GDPR) legal basis” questions. The system should not collect any other free-text answers or attachments. ICANN org did not identify any additional cost or timeline impact related to the addition of this feature.

        b. Transmission of request data to registrars via email:
Request data could be transmitted to participating registrars via encrypted email, provided an adequate encryption key management process is designed. Adding this feature to the WHOIS Disclosure System is estimated to add an additional 2 months of development time and associated staff costs. There would be no additional external costs. (Note, it was also confirmed that “Based on the current design under discussion, ICANN org does not anticipate a need to require additional indemnification and liability terms specifically related to sending request data to registrars via encrypted email.”

       c. Registrars bulk updates:
A system feature can be added to enable registrars to update the status of requests in bulk in the Naming Services portal. ICANN org did not identify any additional cost or timeline impact related to the addition of this feature.

    3. Outstanding issues:

        a. Naming of the system

        b. BC request to share full data of all disclosure requests

        c. Other?

    4. Confirm next steps & timing

       a. Submission of addendum and motion to GNSO Council on 7 November

       b. Council vote during GNSO Council meeting on 17 November

       c. Communication to ICANN Board on outcome of vote shortly after 17 November meeting

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