The call will take place on Wednesday, 16 March 2022 at 14:00 UTC for 90 minutes.

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  1. Welcome & Recap from ICANN73
  2. In light of input provided on the google doc [], consider what further information is needed and how can it be obtained to allow the GNSO Council as well as the ICANN Board to confidently determine the cost / benefit and/or determine if modifications need to be made. Consider whether pilot is a viable approach addressing questions such as:
    1. What is such a pilot expected to prove / disprove?
    2. Which aspects of the SSAD recommendations would need to be part of such a pilot to provide essential insights, which ones are nice to have, and which ones are not relevant for a pilot?
    3. Which parties would need to partake in such a pilot to make the findings useful?
    4. What would be the success factors of such a pilot (i.e. what type of information must be part of the results of the pilot to allow for a determination on the cost/benefit of SSAD and/or what modifications could / should be made to change that balance, if deemed necessary and desirable)?
  3. Meeting with GDPR Board Caucus – what topics would the small team like to discuss / obtain input on?
  4. Confirm next meeting - Monday 21 March at 14.00 UTC joint meeting with GDPR Board Caucus / interested Board members (tentative) - Wednesday 23 March at 14.00 UTC Small team meeting




Apologies: Thomas Rickert, John McElwaine 

Notes/ Action Items

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