ccNSO Outreach and Involvement Standing Committee (OISC)


The ccNSO OISC is established as a standing committee and will have a permanent nature, to ensure:

  • A continued and ongoing coordinated approach regarding the existing and potential outreach and involvement efforts by and targeted at the ccNSO and ccTLD community
  • ccTLDs awareness of and involvement in the aforementioned efforts.
Start DateThe Committee convened for the first time on 8 April 2021. The ccNSO Council resolved to create the OISC in February 2021.
End DateNo end date, this is an ongoing effort.
Deliverables to date
  • Introductory 1-hour webinar on Thursday, 4 March 2021 (16 UTC), when potential OISC members were informed about the OISC's scope and working methods, and how to join the Committee. Participants had an opportunity to ask questions. Consult the recordings here
  • preparations for the ccNSO outreach and involvement strategy
  • ongoing review of the ccNSO ICANN Learn Course
Future deliverables
  • review ccNSO ICANN Learn Course
  • a ccNSO Outreach and involvement strategy
  • functional tasks, when appropriate
Working MethodMonthly meetings, sub-groups to be responsible for certain functional tasks, such as travel funding or onboarding related projects.
Meeting frequencyMonthly, with a higher frequency as deemed necessary.
Relevant materials
OISC ChairPablo Rodriguez (.pr)
Current OISC members

As per the OISC Terms of Reference, as adopted by the ccNSO Council, the OISC shall consist of:

  • up to four (4) ccNSO Councillors: including at least one (1) NomCom appointed Councillor and one (1) Chair or Vice-Chair of the Council
  • the ccNSO Meetings Programme Committee Chair
  • up to four (4) representatives of the Regional Organizations (ROs)
  • up to three (3) representatives from ccTLD Managers (members and non-members of the ccNSO alike)

The list of OISC members is published here:

Expertise and expected time commitment of the members

OISC members are expected not only to participate in but also to drive the Committee’s efforts.  The committee meets monthly through telephone conferences and might decide to meet during the ICANN public meetings. However, most work is done remotely. The working language of the committee is English.

How to joinThe charter of a working group defines the work items, internal decision making and procedures, participation, and duration.  New members need to be appointed by the ccNSO Council.   Interested in joining the OISC? Keep an eye out for calls for volunteers, or contact the ccNSO Secretariat.
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