Jaime Wagner - Internet Service and Connectivity Providers Constituency

1. I am President at Plug In Internet S/A www.plugin.com.br
Plug In is a Brazilian private company specialized in Internet hosting, both shared and dedicated.
Since December 2007 Plug In has a close partnership with UOL, the largest Brazilian ISP.

I am also represent ISP's in CGI, Brazilian Internet Steering Committee. This is an elected position with a mandate of two years (2008 and 2009).

2. At Plug In my work is general management.

3. Both Plug In and UOL act as registrars, but this is a minor portion of their businesses.

4. I have no other direct commercial interest in ICANN GNSO policy development outcomes. I do represent four Brazilian ISPs associations in CGI.

5. I have no arrangements or agreements between with any other group, constituency or person(s) regarding my nomination or selection as a work team member.


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