Subject: Establishing an Interest-Group/constituency within the NCSG
Date: 2011-01-14 08:27:27 GMT
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As it was decided that:

a. We would postpone discussion of whether to form just Interest-Groups or Constituencies as well until we had gotten further with establishing the NCSG or until the Board,

b. That the basics of creating an Interest-Group or a Constituency, at least the first steps would be the same, we would begin work with establishing Interest-Groups that could then become Constituencies if that was required by the final charter.

A) In order to start an Interest-Group/Constituency (I-G/C)

10 NCSG members sign on to and publish a Statement of Intent (SOI) indicating the purpose and goals of the Interest-Group/Constituency.

Note: should any new constituencies be approved by the Board they would have this status within the NCSG.

B) Participation rights

  1. Once the SOI is completed, the Interest-Group/Constituency are assisted in publishing the notice, creating a mailing list and a particpation (wiki or other) page in one of the environments in use by the NCSG
  2. Appoint a representative of the Interest-Group/Constituency to be added to the NCSG-Policy discussion list
  3. Appoint a representative to be added as an observer to the NCSG-EC
  4. Be notified of all NCSG statement development efforts.
  5. Be able to submit statements as part of PDP

B) NCSG-EC certification of an Interest-Group/constituency

Once there is evidence of substantive activity by the Interest-Group/Constituency the Interest-Group/constituency can request certification by the NCSG-EC for full representative status within the NCSG-EC. Evidence of substantive activity would consist, inter alia, of the following:

  • Active participation in GNSO Working Groups and Work Teams
  • Submission of 'Constituency Statements' and other comments in review of GNSO documents and processes
  • Participation in the creation of NCSG positions and postion papers

Full representative status consists of being able to add two full members to the NCSG-EC

C) Interest-Groups/Constituencies must recertified by the NCSG-EC on a yearly basis

In order to be re-certified, an Interest-Group/Constituency must demonstrate the following:

  1. Interest-Groups/Constituency must have maintained a dynamic discussion list
  2. Interest-Groups/Constituency must have participated actively in submitting comments and statement to the NCSG and to the GNSO
  3. Interest-Groups/Constituency must have at least 10 participants who sign on to an updated SOI for re-certification as an interest-Groups/Constituency
  4. In the case of a Board Appoved Constituencies, notification of such NCSG-EC certification, or lack thereof, will be forwarded to the Board certifying body as a comment/contribution to the Board's recertification of the Constituency charter.

D) Regarding any new constituencies that the Board may decide to add by Board resolution to NCSG

1. All of their members become members of the NCSG as is/was done with NCUC
2. Constituencies have same #Participation rights as other Interest-Group/Constituencies within the NCSG.

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