Download the Final Report of the PDP 3.0 Implementation below. It was delivered to the GNSO Council on Monday, 10 February 2020, in advance of the GNSO Council vote on 20 February 2020. 

    Download the Consensus Playbook below. It was delivered to the GNSO Council on Tuesday, 21 April 2020. 

    The Consensus Playbook is developed by the Consensus Building Institute ( for use by ICANN community members to support ICANN processes only. Do not distribute outside of ICANN. 

    PDP 3.0 Overview 

    Document Title  Document Description Final Document Link
    PDP 3.0 Overview + Effective Time Frame for Deployment  Executive summary of the PDP 3.0 implementation efforts + a table of implementation work products and suggested effective timeframe for deployment

    PDP 3.0 Implementation Work Products

    Improvement Document Title Document Description Final Document Link
    #1 Terms of participation for working group members Statement of participation A document seeking affirmative commitment from working group members before they can participate in a working group; the EPDP Team also serves as a pilot for this implementation
    #2 Consider alternatives to open working group model A comparison table of working group models A document that identifies three policy working group models, notes aspects for consideration during working group formation, and lists elements of different models that can be mixed and matched
    #3 Criteria for joining of new members after a PDP working group is formed or rechartered Criteria for joining of new members A document that provides additional clarifications for the GNSO Working Group Guidelines and outlines factors that a working group should consider in determining whether to accept new members after the start of the effort
    Working group member skills guide A living document that lists resources, tips, and suggestions that help ensure new members are sufficiently prepared for full participation in a working group
    #5 Active role for and clear description of Council liaison to PDP working groups New liaison briefing and liaison handover A tool to assist a new GNSO Council liaison to a PDP working group in getting up to speed with the liaison role and responsibilities generally, but also specific to the particular PDP
    GNSO Council liaison supplemental guidance

    A checklist that details job duties of a GNSO Council liaison to a PDP working group
    #6 Document expectations for working group leaders that outlines role & responsibilities as well as minimum skills / expertise required Expectations for working group leaders A tool to facilitate the working group’s selection and review of its leadership positions and help a working group and the Council hold its leaders accountable
    #9 Provide further guidance for section 3.6 and clarification of section 3.7 of the GNSO working group guidelines Clarification to Complaint Process in GNSO Working Groups A guideline document that suggests detailed improvements to the complaint process within a GNSO working group, as well as proposed revisions to Section 3.7 of the GNSO Working Group Guidelines
    Briefing Document on the Concept of “Consensus” in PDP

    A briefing document that explains the concept of “consensus” and references experience with consensus building in the Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF)

    (NOTE: Since this document will be absorbed by the consensus playbook to be developed under Improvement #4, it does not require further deliberation by the GNSO Council)

    #11 Enforce deadlines and ensure bite size pieces

    #12 Notification to Council of changes in work plan

    #16 Criteria for PDP working group updates

    GNSO project work product catalog A list of staff-managed work products to help document and guide the progress of a working group from start to finish
    Project status and condition change procedure A process to assist working group and Council leadership in assessing the state of a project and determining when disruptions require Council attention
    Project status and condition change  Flowchart Flowchart for the procedure above
    Project change request form A formal request to the GNSO Council to modify any deliverable or baseline delivery date of a working group

    #13 Review of working group leadership

    Regular review of PDP working group leadership by GNSO Council A process that helps the GNSO Council evaluate the performance of PDP working group leadership and address possible issues/opportunities identified
    PDP working group member survey on leadership performance An anonymous survey to be completed by PDP WG members and feed into the regular review of PDP working group leadership by the GNSO Council
    #14 Criteria to evaluate request for data gathering Checklist: criteria to evaluate request for data gathering A tool to assist PDP working group in performing its due diligence before submitting a data gathering request to the GNSO Council
    #15 Independent Conflict Resolution

    Guidelines Concerning ICANN Org Resources for Conflict Resolution and Mediation

    A reference guide to existing conflict resolution resources available to the ICANN community
    #17 Resource Reporting for PDP Working Group Resource Reporting for PDP Working Group A preliminary document that provides high-level definitions and concepts about resource tracking, which may continue evolving beyond PDP 3.0 implementation

    Additional Work Products 

    Document Title  Document Description Final Document Link
    Proposed Effective Time Frame to Deploy PDP 3.0 Improvement  Proposed time frame to deploy the work products associated with PDP 3.0 improvements
    Revised GNSO Working Group Charter Template  As a related effort of PDP 3.0 implementation, the GNSO working group Charter template has been updated to serve as a one-stop-shop of all PDP 3.0 improvements, informing various audiences about the proposed changes to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of PDP working groups
    Proposed Incorporation of PDP 3.0 Implementation in GNSO Operating Procedures  Proposed revision/updates to the GNSO Operating Procedures to incorporate PDP 3.0 implementation
    Community Feedback Scorecard PDP 3.0 Small Team's responses to community feedback, which was received during the input solicitation period in October-November 2019, as well as during the public webinar on 9 December 2019.
    PDP 3.0 Webinar Slides  Slide deck used during the PDP 3.0 public webinar on 9 December 2019
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