Journalists' Union for Science and Technology Advancement in Africa (JUSTA)

Sayuni Kimaro

P O. Box 21540

Dar es Salaam


Journalists' Union for Science and Technology Advancement in Africa (JUSTA)

Programme Summary

The Journalists' Union for Science and Technology Advancement in Africa (JUSTA) is a private, voluntary, non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit organisation. JUSTA works in the fields of natural sciences, technology, environment, health, women's affairs and sustainable development nationally and internationally. The main function of the organisation is to promote public awareness of science and technology, environmental problems, and sustainable development.

Communication Strategies

JUSTA conducts research and micro studies on scientific and technology inventions, environment, health, women's issues, and development in general. The organisation's workshops and seminars expose the public to scientific effects, new technological innovations, health and environmental problems; discussion focuses on the search for solutions. JUSTA also exchanges opinions and views with grassroots people, policy makers, journalists, scientists, technologists, and environmentalists on environmental management and sustainable development issues.
JUSTA's strategies include:

  • collecting information on science and technology, environment, health, and sustainable development and disseminating it through JUSTA publications and other media
  • providing fora for people to learn and exchange opinions on science and technology, health, environment and sustainable development
  • carrying out field projects, education programmes, research, and workshops so as to enable Africans, especially rural people, to be aware of the need for sustainable development
  • exchanging information materials in the field with other non-profit-making organisations
  • networking with groups working on science and technology, environment, and sustainable development
  • working to give a voice to the people, particularly those who have not had access to the media
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