Promoculture/Centre Africain D'Echange Culturel (PC-CAFEC)

Baudouin Schombe

03BP1924 Cotonou (West Branch Office), Benin

Promoculture/Centre Africain D'Echange Culturel (PC-CAFEC)

The objectives PROMO-CULTURE are:

  • Promote intercultural approaches;
  • Support and participate in improving the status of African women;
  • Encourage and support the democratic culture and the rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • Participate in environmental protection through programs of education and training;
  • Contribute to the vitality of youth.
  • Observe strict neutrality in matters of ideological and political. It collaborates with various local, regional, national and international NGOs and private institutions or NGOs. It also takes account of all existing forms of cultural cooperation.


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