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ccNSO Members Meeting • ICANN66 • Montréal, Canada

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The purpose of this report is to summarize policy activities and meeting or session highlights across the ICANN policy development community – including the ccNSO - taking place at ICANN66.

DAY 1        
Tuesday, 5 November 2019 
Room: 516C

Slide decks & remote participation
(Links to the relevant section on the ICANN public schedule)


ccNSO Members Meeting introduction | Session chair: Katrina Sataki (.lv)

  • Opening & Welcome. Katrina Sataki (.lv)
  • Welcome by the local ccTLD Manager. Byron Holland (.ca)
  • ccNSO Members Meeting highlights. Alejandra Reynoso (.gt)

The DNS and the Internet of Things | Session chair: Katrina Sataki (.lv)

  • Opportunities, risks, and challenges from a ccTLD perspective. Cristian Hesselman (.nl), Jacques Latour (.ca)
10:15-10:30Coffee break

Accountability & Transparency Review session | Session chair: Demi Getschko (.br)

  • ATRT2: analysis implementation of the recommendations
  • ATRT3: analysis survey results and community discussion on the proposed direction of travel

Cheryl Langdon-Orr (ATRT3 co-chair), Patrick Kane (ATRT3 co-chair), Bernard Turcotte (ICANN)


Joint meeting: ccNSO & ICANN Board

Consult the agenda topics from the Board here and the discussion topics from the ccNSO Council here.

12:00-13:30Lunch break

Debriefing ccNSO workshops | Session chair: Barbara Povše (.si)

  • TLD-OPS update & workshop debriefing. Jacques Latour (.ca), Régis Massé (.fr) 
  • SOPC workshop debriefing. Giovanni Seppia (.eu)

13:30-14:15 (517A)
GAC PDP retirement onboarding

ccNSO Members Meeting: 

GAC debriefing:


Q&A: candidates ICANN Board Seat 11 | Session chair: Byron Holland (.ca)

  • Calvin Browne, Nigel Phair, Patricio Poblete. Consult their candidate statements here.
15:00-15:15Coffee break


ccTLD news session | Session chair: Gudrun Poulsen (.fo) & Barbara Povše (.si)

  • Moving 2.8 million names in record time. Alyssa Moore (.ca)

  • A pathway to .za ccTLD past, present and future. Peter Madavhu (.za)
  • The greatest .ee innovation: auction system - from idea to launch. Maarja Kirtsi (.ee)
  • EURid's DNS abuse prevention system. Marc Vanwesemael (.eu)
  • IT risk management for ccTLD registry: case study .id. Yudho Giri Sucahyo (.id)


ccNSO organisational review | Session chair: Nick-Wenban Smith (.uk)

  • discussion on the implementation of the final recommendations, and debriefing of the related discussions during the ccNSO Council Workshop

DAY 2        
Wednesday, 6 November 2019 
Room: 516C

Slide decks & remote participation 
(Links to the relevant section on the ICANN public schedule)


IANA naming function session | Session chair: Abdalla Omari (.ke)

  • Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) Board update. Lise Fuhr (Chair PTI Board)

  • Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) update. Kim Davies (ICANN)

  • Customer Standing Committee (CSC) update and next steps. TBC

  • Food for thought by Byron Holland (.ca), whose term as CSC chair ended on 30 September 2019


Q&A: ccNSO appointed ICANN Board members | Session chair: Jordan Carter (.nz)

  • Chris Disspain, Nigel Roberts.

  • Also invited: Becky Burr, Danko Jevtović, Lito Ibarra.

10:15-10:30Coffee break
10:30-12:00Plenary session 2: DNS Abuse. (room: 517D)https://66.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1116759
12:00-13:30Lunch break

Policy session | Session chair: Patricio Poblete (.cl)

  • PDP Retirement WG. Stephen Deerhake (.as)

  • IDN ccTLD Policy Update: consultation regarding the inclusion of IDN ccTLDs in the ccNSO and required changes to the ICANN Bylaws. Bart Boswinkel (ccNSO), Katrina Sataki (.lv)

  • Update & next steps by the new gTLD subsequent procedures working group on Work Track 5 (geographic names at the top level). Annebeth Lange (.no)


Q&A: candidates ccNSO Council | Session chair: Biyi Oladipo (.ng)

  • Africa: Souleymane Oumtanaga

  • Asia-Pacific: Atsushi Endo, Ai-Chin Lu

  • Europe: Giovanni Seppia

  • Latin America – Caribbean: Alejandra Reynoso

  • North America: Stephen Deerhake

Consult their candidate statements here.

15:00-15:15Coffee break

Panel discussion: ccTLD perspective on Internet Governance | Session chair: Young-eum Lee (.kr)

  • contributions from ICANN Org and from a national, regional and global ccTLD perspective. Mary Uduma (.ng), Irina Danelia (.ru), Eduardo Santoyo (.co), Jörg Schweiger (.de)
  • interaction with the audience and Q&A, moderated by Pierre Bonis (.fr, IGLC Chair) and Laura Margolis (NomCom appointed Councillor)

17:00-18:30ccNSO Council meeting (room: 518)https://66.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1116981
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