Members:   Anna Karakhanyan, Mohamed Salah Moselhi

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kimberly Carlson

Apologies:  Giovanni Seppia, Abdalmonem Galila


  1. Welcome roll call
  2. Discussion draft report
  3. Next steps
  4. Next meetings (if any)


Recordings:  Zoom Playback

Chat Transcript:

08:31:41 From Kimberly Carlson : Hello, welcome to today’s ccNSO IDN PRT call on 23 July at 14:30 UTC. Calls are recorded. In the interest of time, attendance will be taken based on those who are in Zoom. Apologies: Abdalmonem Galila and Giovanni Seppia. Please mute your phones and microphones when not speaking.
08:44:24 From Anna Karakhanyan : I understand. So, if we have 2 vote, we should be separated. Right?
08:45:10 From Anna Karakhanyan : Ok, understand, for example India
08:45:35 From Anna Karakhanyan : they will have 1 vote for ASCI ccTLD and only one for IDN ccTLD
08:45:43 From Anna Karakhanyan : thank you for your answer
08:50:16 From Mohamed SALAH MOSELHI : agree
08:50:34 From Anna Karakhanyan : I agree
08:51:30 From Anna Karakhanyan : Thank you!
08:52:01 From Anna Karakhanyan : bye-bye

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