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  Andrea Glandon: (11/12/2018 13:25) Welcome to the NARALO Monthly call held on Monday, 12 November 2018 at 20:00 UTC.
  Andrea Glandon: (13:25) Wiki Agenda Page:
  George Kirikos: (13:51) Hi folks.
  Eduardo Diaz: (13:51) Hello George and others
  George Kirikos: (13:51) Hi Eduardo. How are you?
  Eduardo Diaz: (13:52) Fine. Just arrived from a vacation trip in south Italy
  George Kirikos: (13:52) Nice!
  Silvia Vivanco: (13:53) Hello Eduardo, welcome back
  Eduardo Diaz: (13:53) @Silvia: Gracias
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (13:56) Hola @Silvia. Hi to all!
  Marita Moll: (13:57) @Eduardo -- Ottawa readout is at 4:30 EST (19:30 UTC) on Nov. 28
  Eduardo Diaz: (13:58) @Marita: Got it. Thnaks.
  John Laprise: (13:58) Hi All!
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): (13:59) Morning-Afternoon all
  Marita Moll: (14:00) @Eduardo -- Oops -- that's 21.:30 UTC sorry!!!
  Evan Leibovitch: (14:01) Hi all
  John Laprise: (14:01) Reminder to all that @ICANNatLarge is busy busy busy at IGF in Paris. keep an eye out for the handle and the #NARALO
  John Laprise: (14:02) like & RT 
  Greg Shatan: (14:03) Good afternoon from ISOC-NY
  Chris Mondini: (14:03) Hi I am here!
  Greg Shatan: (14:04) Thank you for the mention!
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): (14:04) SF Bay ISOC is also having a readout on Nov 29th 
  Greg Shatan: (14:05) I will put in a link for the Livestream.
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:05)
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:06) NARALO 28th readout wiki page created above 
  Greg Shatan: (14:06) Doesn’t Ottawa have two “T’s”?
  John Laprise: (14:06) indeed
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:07) @ Greg, you're correct I will edit the wiki 
  Evan Leibovitch: (14:07) 12:00 PST = 2100 UTC
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:07) thank you
  Andrea Glandon: (14:08) Robert is on the audio line onlt
  Andrea Glandon: (14:08) only
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:09)
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:09) David Morar has been selected as a Fellow for Kobe, #ICANN64
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): (14:10) HEre's the link to the SF Bay ISOC ICANN 63 Readout. All welcome
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:11) @Robert, welcome to the community.
  David Morar: (14:11) apologies for the delay!
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:11) Congrats, @David for your selection as an #ICANN64 Fellow.
  Andrea Glandon: (14:12) Kobe is in March 2019
  David Morar: (14:12) thank you very much! excited to represent NARALO
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): (14:12) Apologies for my absence in ICANN 63, I was flat out with 'conference flu' and didn't leave my hotel more than necessary. 
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): (14:12) Congrats David 
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:13) ICANN will hold its 64th International Public Meeting between 09-14 March 2019 in Kobe
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:13) Yes, thta is right @Jabobi.
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:13) We actually had a great chat.
  Chris Mondini: (14:13) Welcome, Robert
  Andrea Glandon: (14:14) I will make note of Glenn's apology
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:14) IGF Paris:
  Marita Moll: (14:14) @Susannah - wow, sorry you were ill. Actually, there was a lot of that. I picked it up after the event
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): (14:16) Yes, was at the RIPE Meeting the previous week and picked up something there :( 
  Andrea Glandon: (14:17) They are both on AC
  Chris Mondini: (14:17) Hi i am here
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:18) :) Welcome Chris and Joe
  Alan Greenberg: (14:18) Is ARIN43 really eligible for a NARALO CROP trip?  Has rule about out-of-region being changed?
  judith hellerstein: (14:19) @alan we got approval from Chris Mondini 
  Alan Greenberg: (14:19) Good! A rational approach.
  judith hellerstein: (14:19) it is 12:19am in Dubai 
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:20) My guess it should be Graduate Students.
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:21) I had a mentee, @Janos Szurdi that was a Fellow, PhD Student from U.S.A.
  John Laprise: (14:22) yes
  John Laprise: (14:23) we lost you
  John Laprise: (14:23) we hear you now
  John Laprise: (14:25) at the grad level, credits are irrelevant. Grad students take independent studies that are signed off by faculty
  David Morar: (14:26) can’t hear anything 
  Andrea Glandon: (14:26) @david, would you like us to dial out to you?
  Eduardo Diaz: (14:26) DAvid try to re-connect 
  George Kirikos: (14:27) ICANN Open Data Initiative:
  Andrea Glandon: (14:27) Welcome back, David.  Are you able to hear now?
  David Morar: (14:27) now I’m back
  Eduardo Diaz: (14:28) Yes, we can hear you
  George Kirikos: (14:28) Often the phone line is more reliable.
  Andrea Glandon: (14:29) That is true, George and we are happy to dial out if anyone needs a connection.  Thank you!
  George Kirikos: (14:30) ICANN must have a list of academics who've attended ICANN meetings? e.g. Professor Tushnet, Professor Mueller, etc.
  George Kirikos: (14:30) (or who've participated in working groups, etc.)
  George Kirikos: (14:31) Although, perhaps GDPR has eliminated these. ;-)
  John Laprise: (14:31) George: see GIGANET and also AoIR...there are scholarly groups that look at ICANN as an object of study
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:31) @David, with @Yubelkys you would have access to do some broader presentattions to undergraduate and graduate students from close to 40  universities in U.S. and Puerto Rico.
  David Morar: (14:31) perfect
  John Laprise: (14:32)
  John Laprise: (14:32)
  George Kirikos: (14:32) Professor Michael Geist has also studied the UDRP, for example.
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): (14:35) Yes, our attendees are usually the same set of people 
  Marita Moll: (14:36) I am still trying to expand the circle
  George Kirikos: (14:36) Are the slides on the wiki?
  Andrea Glandon: (14:36) @george, yes, they are on the wiki agenda page
  George Kirikos: (14:36) Thanks, Chris.
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:36) yes they are posted in today's wiki page under the relevant Agenda item
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:36) Gracias, @Chris.
  George Kirikos: (14:38) Thanks, Silvia. I hadn't noticed that that headline was clickable, to get the PDF.
  George Kirikos: (14:42) Thanks, Andrea, for updating the wiki to make it more obvious. :-)
  Andrea Glandon: (14:43) You're welcome, George!  :)
  Evan Leibovitch: (14:43) Of course, we are discussing HOW to do subsequent procedures, having never discussed whether doing so serves the interest of Internet information providers or the people who use them
  George Kirikos: (14:43) Great point, Evan.
  Evan Leibovitch: (14:43) That was never up for discussion.
  Eduardo Diaz: (14:44) @Evan -ALAC never discussed this?
  judith hellerstein: (14:45) we had several calls on auction proceeds 
  judith hellerstein: (14:45) with at large
  George Kirikos: (14:46) @Judith: I think Evan was talking about whether adding more new gTLDs (i.e. the subsequent procedures) should be discussed more.
  John Laprise: (14:46) Evan: I raised that point forcefully with board members and at public comment-it's great to improve the process but we want to see evidence before process is used and to whom it is directed
  Evan Leibovitch: (14:47) A few of us tried to raised the point at the GNSO - the buyers and sellers who can compel ICANN to follow their policy decisions - and were laughed out of the room
  John Laprise: (14:48) FYI GAC is similarly skeptical...may be another future joint advice from GAC-ALAC to the board
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:49) Monica Sanders and Thomas Struett are also ICANN64 Fellows from our Region. Congrats to them as well.
  Javier Rua-Jovet: (14:49) sorry for extreme lateness
  John Laprise: (14:49) GNSO (NCSG) has some issues there on loudness of voice. :(
  Evan Leibovitch: (14:49) Whether or not to expand was never up for discussion. We can suggest tinkering with the process but have little influence on the grand direction
  David Morar: (14:49) I have to leave early. apologies!
  John Laprise: (14:49) One of the advantages of being on ALAC!
  John Laprise: (14:50) Well, we're very intent on making it a topic of discussion. public comment was a shot across the bow so to speak
  Javier Rua-Jovet: (14:50) this is a well attended meeting!
  Evan Leibovitch: (14:50) Happy to talk offline... I'm sure others here are bored with my skepticism
  judith hellerstein: (14:52) I need to leave early myself as it is almost 1am in Dubai and have early morning meetings
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:53) Thank you for joining Judith
  Marita Moll: (14:55) Could we have a link to that registrant issues session?
  George Kirikos: (14:56) Marita: it appears to be at:
  Chris Mondini: (14:56) Registrant Issues
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:57) @Chris, is 'readout' in Spanish in your radar?
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:57) Thank you Chris!
  Eduardo Diaz: (14:57) @Chris thanks for been here today. Excellent presentation.
  Chris Mondini: (14:58) @Alfredo I would be very pleased to help with a Read Out en Español.  Should we organize one?
  George Kirikos: (14:58) It's possible that US legislation might mandate Public WHOIS, eliminating the need for the EPDP to exist:
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:58) @ Chris I think it would be very well received in te LAC region
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (14:59) @Chris, yes lets' work on it. 
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (15:01) @Chris, once you have a possible date and time we can share the details, among our HISPANIC/LATIN community.
  Javier Rua-Jovet: (15:01) To all WT5 members, remember that our last call before Initial Report Publication is November 14 @ 14:00 UTC.  Publication of IR is slated for November 20th.
  George Kirikos: (15:02) Bye folks.Have a great evening.
  Javier Rua-Jovet: (15:02) Bye!
  Chris Mondini: (15:02) @George  We son't see the legislation that is proposed gaining traction, but we will certainly monitor.
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR): (15:02) @Javier, reading the latest drft.
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter): (15:02) Bye all! 
  Gordon Chillcott - Greater Toronto Area Linux Users Group: (15:02) Thanks and bye for now.
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC): (15:02) bye all
  Leah Symekher (SFBay ISOC): (15:02) bye
  Eduardo Diaz: (15:02) Bye all.
  Chris Mondini: (15:02) Thanks
  Silvia Vivanco: (15:02) Thank you all bye 
  Evan Leibovitch: (15:02) But