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  Yesim Nazlar:Welcome to the NARALO Monthly Call on Monday, 09 January 2017 at 20:00 UTC.

  Yesim Nazlar:Agenda:

  Glenn McKnight:Hi Wes

  Glenn McKnight:Here is a link to some  ICANN and ATLARGE  Ebooks

  Glenn McKnight:

  Glenn McKnight:no audio yet.  will be calling in via Adigo

  Wesley Boudville:Hi Glenn and happy 2017 to everyone out there.

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Wes and you too.

  Alfredo Calderon:Hi to all.

  Murray McKercher:Hello Everyone

  Glenn McKnight:We have a very busy schedule

  Herb Waye Ombuds:Greetings everyone

  Herb Waye Ombuds:Bonjour tout le monde

  Wesley Boudville:yes I can hear you

  Silvia Vivanco:Hello all

  Silvia Vivanco:Welcome

  Silvia Vivanco:we are still gathering

  Allan Skuce:Greetings

  Allan Skuce:We have snow

  Allan Skuce:No phone or mic

  Murray McKercher:Sounds good Glenn

  Louis Houle:Hello everyone Happy New Year

  Javier Rua-Jovet:Hi all!

  Murray McKercher:Welcome Howard, glas to see you here

  Eve Edelson:Hello all

  Glenn McKnight:i am muted

  Eve Edelson:gesundheit!

  Howard Deane:Thanks Murray, its good to get more involved

  Joly MacFie:Joly MacFie

  Evin Erdogdu:Hello everyone! Bless you to whomever sneezed ;)

  Louis Houle:I'm on the French channel Glenn

  Javier Rua-Jovet:Hi again Evin!

  judith hellerstein:Welcome Evin

  Gordon Chillcott:Welcome, Evin!

  Eve Edelson:Welcome Evin!

  Javier Rua-Jovet:I went to Boston College, closeby!

  Alfredo Calderon:@Evin, Great to have you onboard!

  Louis Houle:Bienvenue Evin Welcome

  Glenn McKnight:Evin please provide your  details for your background

  Javier Rua-Jovet:Any Spanish, Herb?

  William Michael Cunningham:Link to the role of the Ombsbudsman?

  Wesley Boudville:Herb's audio is cutting out

  Joly MacFie:Ok here

  judith hellerstein:It is fine with me.  are you on the phone or adobe connect

  Wesley Boudville:i'm using adobe connect

  judith hellerstein:if adobe, it may be your bandwidth

  Glenn McKnight:Folks  please put your hands up if you  have a question or if on adigo  just interupt

  judith hellerstein:try listen only mode if you have low bandwidth

  Heidi Ullrich:@William, please see:

  Herb Waye Ombuds:

  Garth Bruen:Hello all.

  judith hellerstein:welcome garth

  Garth Bruen:I want to acknowledge John Laprise for stepping in for me at the last meeting

  Evan Leibovitch:I might have contact info for Darlene.

  judith hellerstein:@joly you have a lot of noise where you are

  judith hellerstein:i had darlene's gmail but i think she is not answering that

  Marita Moll:I will be in touch with Glenn on this

  Herb Waye Ombuds:Thanks everyone, merci beaucoup. Happy New Years et bonne année... I will leave you to your work, je vous laisse à vos travaux.

  judith hellerstein:Can you unlock the page

  Glenn McKnight:@Marita  yes  please do

  Glenn McKnight:As to Darlene email she isn't responding

  judith hellerstein:@staff can you unlock the page

  Glenn McKnight:I am muted

  Glenn McKnight:@Silvia  please post links to BCEC etc

  Marita Moll:I know. I will try to get a message to her through a 3rd party to let her know we are trying to do this. See what happens. It is all I can do.

  Joly MacFie:On Darlene, might her old phine numbers lead to info? They are on her Skype profile.

  Glenn McKnight:Is  April or  Valerie on the line?

  Glenn McKnight:@Joly I have tried perhaps other NARALO members can also try

  Loris Taylor:No.  Was an invitation sent to them?

  Glenn McKnight:@Loris  yes  a few times

  Loris Taylor:I can email them.  

  Glenn McKnight:@Loris can you speak on for them

  Louis Houle:I have 2 emails addresses for Darlene. Don't know if it's good.

  judith hellerstein:The email I had for darlene was

  judith hellerstein:i last heard from her in September

  Glenn McKnight:Yes  the emails are not bouncing

  William Michael Cunningham:Possible RALO Petition Process

  Marita Moll:I could be wrong, but she may reasons not to want to be involved - so we should proceed with caution

  Loris Taylor:How about Maureen?  

  judith hellerstein:In september she said she had to drop our for health reasons

  Seth Reiss:I have for Darlene

  Glenn McKnight:@loris  Maureen is not on the call

  Glenn McKnight:Seth the email you have isn't valid

  judith hellerstein:@loris yes an email was sent to them and at least one of them said they were comng on the call

  Glenn McKnight:@William  we want to make sure you understand the Petition Process please ask Tijani any questions

  Glenn McKnight:PLease provide a link to the Petition process page


  Glenn McKnight:Due date January 19th, 2017 deadline

  Alan Greenberg:Note decision to do so requires a formal vote of RALO membership.

  William Michael Cunningham:Please make sure you explain the process for RALO to add. As I have noted, I am not satisfied with this process and wish to be added to the slate.

  Matthew Rantanen:Sorry for being late... conflicting calls

  Javier Rua-Jovet:h

  Javier Rua-Jovet:yes

  William Michael Cunningham:I can hear you.

  Matthew Rantanen:Are you on mute?

  William Michael Cunningham:]I will try to connect audio

  William Michael Cunningham:Hang on

  William Michael Cunningham:I can hear

  Javier Rua-Jovet:yes

  Glenn McKnight:One second  Heidi

  William Michael Cunningham:OK.

  Seth Reiss:@glenn  that's all I have

  Silvia Vivanco:please be so kind to say your name for transcript

  Silvia Vivanco:when you take the floor

  Alan Greenberg:Selection Committee members list at

  Glenn McKnight:Yes, I agree Silvia,  I will try to emphasize

  Garth Bruen:Civil rights movent started by religious people of several backgrounds

  avri doria:Global diversity seems wider than the USAn race perspective.

  Evan Leibovitch:That was kind-of the point I was getting at

  judith hellerstein:@evan is that a new hand?

  avri doria:I know, just anted to repreat it.

  Evan Leibovitch:both my hands are old

  judith hellerstein:@avri thanks so much for your comments

  Eve Edelson:@avri Yes

  avri doria:Well you could have put out a wider call that people might have heard about.

  Garth Bruen:@William, please reach out to any under-represented groups in NARALO and we will help them apply as At-Large Structures. Would love to have this representation in our structure.

  William Michael Cunningham:OK. Thanks for that comment.

  Julie Hammer:Bye now, thanks to everyone.

  Eve Edelson:Hello both

  Matthew Rantanen:And I'm listening in from Native Public Media, This is Matt

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:I can attest that NomCom was highly concerned with diversity and I think that helped me come into the Community.

  Evan Leibovitch:Julie makes a good point. It is the duty of the NomCom to identify deficiencies on the board -- diversity of perspectives, skills and representation.

  John Laprise:Yay for Tribal representation April & Valerie!

  Silvia Vivanco:Valerie's report is posted  :

  Silvia Vivanco:on the Tribal Ambassador wiki page

  Glenn McKnight:@Valerie any progress on your  GAC  meetings?

  Heidi Ullrich:The Tribal Ambassadorship program was a FY17 Additional Request which Loris Taylor led.

  Heidi Ullrich:The Tribal Ambassadors were part of the ICANN Fellowship Program and attended At-Large meetings whenever possible

  judith hellerstein:Since they were in the fellowship I hope they can be classified as alumnae and be allowed to apply for the next fellowship

  Glenn McKnight:@Judith  you are next

  Loris Taylor:That's a great idea Judith.

  Heidi Ullrich:@Judith, we can look into that. Let me correct myself - they were incorporated into the Fellowship program.

  Glenn McKnight:yes they are

  Loris Taylor:Excellent!

  Loris Taylor:Hi Matthew!  So glad you are on the call.

  William Michael Cunningham:Thanks. I am due at the US Ct of Appeals in 30 mins. Will look to followup.

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you for your report Valerie and April

  Glenn McKnight:i have a frog in my throat

  Loris Taylor:Thank you Heidi.  It's an important step in the engagement of First Nations with ICANN

  Glenn McKnight:not sure why the frog is in my throat

  Heidi Ullrich:@All, Siranush is looking into the possiblity of April and Valerie can apply for the South Africa meeting in June (Copenhagen is closed).

  Loris Taylor:Great support for the Tribal Ambassadors from Glenn, Judith and fellow NARALOs.  Thank you!

  Heidi Ullrich:They can certainly apply for the AGM in Abu Dhabi.

  judith hellerstein:Thanks heidi and hope you can check in with Siranush to make sure they can apply if they want

  Loris Taylor:Thank you also to the Selection Committee.

  Matthew Rantanen:Checking to see if I have been added to the list, attending in New Orleans

  Heidi Ullrich:Siranush is looking into the details now

  Heidi Ullrich:Will get back to us shortly

  judith hellerstein:he is online

  John Laprise:Whew! For a moment I thought I had forgotten to prepare something!

  Silvia Vivanco:next NARALO Rules of Procedures Working Committee Call is scheduled for Monday, 16 January 2017 at 20:00 UTC

  Silvia Vivanco:calendar invite has been sent

  John More:I tried to connect.  But microphone not working.  You summed it up.

  judith hellerstein:ok thanks

  Joly MacFie:Sorry I have to leave for another meeting.

  Yesim Nazlar:Thank you for your participation Joly!

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks John

  judith hellerstein:They will be changing the emails since they are incorrect

  judith hellerstein:it is

  judith hellerstein:Silvia is working with them to change it

  Heidi Ullrich:@GA Organizing committee, would discussing a Stratigic plan -or at least a plan of activities related to outreach - be a topic for the GA?

  Wesley Boudville:the brochure looks very clear for giving an overview !  good work

  Silvia Vivanco:correct Judith

  Heidi Ullrich:Chris and Joe will be at the GA

  Silvia Vivanco:business cards will be provided

  judith hellerstein:@silvia please post the address for the wiki

  judith hellerstein:so that all can see it

  Glenn McKnight:Folks  submit  your suggestions.  

  Murray McKercher:Apologies, must leave the call for another meeting. Thanks to all .. a very good update.

  Glenn McKnight:Heidi also invites your  drafts to be submitted for comments

  Glenn McKnight:Bye Murray

  Silvia Vivanco:Flyer and mailcard are posted here:

  Loris Taylor:Do you have a timeline for budget suggestions Glenn?

  Heidi Ullrich:FY18 Additional Budget -

  Glenn McKnight:January 16th

  Loris Taylor:Thank you

  Glenn McKnight:Captioning, Communication, Tribal Ambassadorship and  GA  was funded

  Loris Taylor:Is that something I have to resubmit or is it already in the hopper?

  Louis Houle:Bye eveyone. Must leave for another meeting

  Matthew Rantanen:What about those of us that are advising, but are not alumni that have been funded to travel?

  judith hellerstein:@heidi please let Loris know if she needs to re-submit it

  judith hellerstein:@heidi please let Loris know if she needs to re-submit it

  Heidi Ullrich:@Loris, if you wish to have another Tribal Ambassadorship program, it would be useful to submit another request

  Loris Taylor:Thank you Heidi.  

  Heidi Ullrich:You might wish to add more elements - such as post meeting webinars for tribal nations, etc.

  judith hellerstein:@matthew, stay tuned.  You can apply for the October meeting. The fellowship application will be open in March

  Glenn McKnight:@silvia  the action item  is to organize a call with Joe on the Stakeholder document with interested parties

  Heidi Ullrich:Excellent idea, Eduard and Javier!

  Loris Taylor:Heidi is there a new template or can I use the one from last year.

  Glenn McKnight:Marita you will be next

  Eve Edelson:It is indeed exciting - well done!

  Heidi Ullrich:Also, please consider any activities you would like at the PR meeting in March 2018

  John Laprise:NASSIG has always been a more difficult proposition because of the relative density of IG expertise in NARALO as well as the density of higher education relative to the other RALOs

  Matthew Rantanen:Thanks Judith

  Eve Edelson:Glenn do you mean a proposal for the Jan. 16 deadline?

  Eve Edelson:Or are you talking about the IG school?

  Eduardo Diaz:@John: still there are many people that know nothing about Internet Governace issues

  John Laprise:My apologies but I have another meeting and must depart.

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you John

  Heidi Ullrich:@Louris, Siranush thinks another request would be a good idea

  John More:Thanks Glenn

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks all

  Loris Taylor:Ok.  I just downloaded the template.  Thanks

  Allan Skuce:Thanks. Bye

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you all!

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:bye!!

  Loris Taylor:Thank you Valerie and April for your report.

  Eve Edelson:so long!

  Loris Taylor:Bye

  Gordon Chillcott:Thanks and bye for now

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you all

  John More:Thanks Judith