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Directors (as well as Supporting Organization and Advisory Committee members) must follow the ICANN Code of Conduct and the Conflict of Interest Policies



Qualifications used by the NomCom

  • a commitment to ICANN's mission.
  • demonstrated capacity for thoughtful group decision-making and sound judgment.
  • an understanding of the importance of good governance practices and an ability to contribute to the Board in this regard.

Time Commitment and Working Practice outlined in the NomCom procedures


In many cases, the actual time expended significantly exceeds these guidelines.




  • An understanding of ICANN At-Large.
  • An understanding of the potential impact of ICANN decisions on the global Internet-using community, and the Internet end-user community in particular.
  • A track record of working to build consensus with a diverse set of interests working together on complex policy issues.
  • A willingness to commit time and energy to engaging with the ALAC on topics of interest to either the Board or the ALAC.
  • An understanding of changes to ICANN's Bylaws, organisational structure, and accountability mechanisms that have been put in place as part of the transition of the stewardship of IANA functions.