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 Made by: Donna Austin
Seconded by: Rubens Kuhl



  1. In March 2012 the GNSO Council approved a set of initial draft principles relating to the formation and operation of cross community working groups (CCWGs) and directed ICANN staff to solicit feedback on the principles from the other ICANN Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees (SO/ACs);
  2. In June 2013 the ccNSO provided detailed feedback suggesting further clarifications and possible additions to the initial draft principles;
  3. In October 2013 the GNSO Council approved the formation of a Drafting Team to develop a Charter for a new CCWG to take forward and synthesize the initial work of the GNSO and the ccNSO feedback, and develop a final framework of operating principles that can function effectively across all SO/ACs relating to the formation, operation, decision making and termination of future CWGs (the "Final Framework of Operating Principles for Future CCWGs");
  4. The ccNSO Council and GNSO Council approved the Charter for the new CCWG to develop the Final Framework for Future CCWGs in March 2014;
  5. The CCWG published a proposed initial Framework for public comment in February 2016;
  6. Following review of public comments received and further community deliberations at ICANN56 in June 2016, the CCWG completed its proposed Final Framework and submitted it to the ccNSO and GNSO Councils on 19 September 2016