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Upcoming Activities as of 07  





Week of 6 13 FebUnderstanding @ 24 Jan: Call to discuss the updated Draft and to talk about any changes that were/were not made by ITEMS based on Working Party feedback on the earlier ‘2016 draft’.


Changed plan @7 Feb: This will be a call for the WP to formulate their response to the Draft Report

Understanding @24 Jan: Working Party members;

other, interested members of the At-Large community;


Changed plan @7 Feb: ITEMS should not be included; other, interested members of the At-Large community also not included 


Week of 13 Feb/27 Feb

WP calls -

  • Monday 13 Feb (tbd)
  • Wed 15 Feb 21:00 UTC


Pre At-Large Review WP Call

WP call - agenda tbd by WP Chair


Leadership Team, staff




Week of 27 Feb:

  • Mon 27 Feb
  • Wed 1 Mar 21:00 UTC


Pre At-Large Review WP Call

WP call – agenda tbd by WP Chair


Leadership Team, staff


Requested by Holly 


27 Feb, 13:00 UTC

A community-wide webinar for ITEMS to present their report to all interested ICANN Community members


At-Large Community

Anybody interested in the ICANN community

As discussed with the LT, this webinar will make sure that the wider ICANN community is informed about the Report and can ask any question to the ITEMS team.

See announcement.

We will work with At-Large Support Staff to make sure FR and ES interpretation to will be provided

Sunday, 12 March (morning)

Meeting with ITEMS and WP

Agenda tbd by WP/ALAC


At-Large Community (open session)


Alan raised the point that  with this session was being marked as ‘open to all’ and requested an additional session to hold the community-wide workshop.

Sunday, 12 March afternoon (tbd)

Wednesday, 15 March


Workshop with ITEMS and ICANN community to discuss “Empowered Membership Model”follow up on the topics covered in the webinar and to provide an opportunity for a community-wide discussion on the findings and proposed recommendations, with an eye toward developing useful and implementable final recommendations.

ITEMS, all interested ICANN Community

This workshop session was requested following a concern of the LT of community members outside of At-Large participating in the meeting above. 

Post ICANN58

Week of 20 March

Call with ITEMS as requested by WP until closure of public comment forum


Call to be held late in the week

24 March

Public comment closes




ITEMS present draft Final report to WP





Suggest weekly calls

(preset ahead of time to assist with scheduling)

WP weekly calls, request ITEMS participation, if needed


ITEMS if requested

Note: MSSI suggests: weekly calls for at least 3-4 weeks, scheduled as soon as the deadline for draft Final Report publication is set to assure immediate re-start of work.


ITEMS releases Final Report



June onwards


Suggest weekly calls (preset ahead of time to assist with scheduling)

WP drafts Prioritization & Feasibility Report based on the outcome of ITEMS’ final report for adoption by ALAC and presentation to OEC


This represents WP assessment of the feasibility and usefulness of final recommendations, and suggested prioritization.  This input will be considered by the OEC in making a recommendation to the ICANN Board