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This NARALO ALS Spotlight Workspace is a new initiative intended to showcase one NARALO ALS per month.

The monthly NARALO Spotlight ALS will be asked to introduce their ALS during the NARALO monthly call. In addition, information and activities of the featured ALS will be posted on this Workspace.

 June 2013 NARALO Spotlight ALS: Spotlight Special Discussion : ISOC Colorado "Removing Need at RIPE".

Please read the article published on the 23rd May on CircleID here:


May 2013 NARALO Spotlight ALS: ‘Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (FBSC) 


The Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (fbsc) is a Federally incorporated not for profit since 2003. Our mandate is to preserve and repair the environment, and to ameliorate the living conditions of the underprivileged.

 Food and food security is our primary program, where we screen films and discuss food and food related issues.  For more information visit the reelfood website.

 We use fun and creative ways to engage the community, showing easy and simple acts for anyone to embrace a sustainable way of living.

 We do this by hosting events throughout the year bringing our message directly to the community.

Click here for a PPT presentation of FBSC.

March 2013 NARALO Spotlight ALS: N-CAP 

N-CAP’s Mandate is to provide all Nunavummiut with access to and training on the internet for increased adoption and utilization of increasingly complex Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs).  Our Mission is to develop and champion sustainable community initiatives and applications using ICTs that enhance economic, educational, social, and cultural opportunities throughout Nunavut.

N-CAP operates a network of telecentres (referred to as Community Access Program or CAP sites in Canada) throughout Nunavut.  Nunavut is a very large territory that encompasses 1/5 of Canada’s land mass with only 25 communities with a total population of around 30,000 people.  There are no roads from one community to another nor linking us to the south.  85% of Nunavummiut are Inuit. 

It is very difficult for individuals to get adequately affordable or fast internet into these extremely remote communities or to provide these community members with training and access to ICTs.  This is where N-CAP comes in.  N-CAP seeks out federal and territorial funding in order to keep these centres staffed and the equipment well maintained.  Additionally, we work very hard to bring different training initiatives to the communities, both in English and in Inuktitut.

View the video .

February 2013 NARALO Spotlight ALS: NSCAP Nova Scotia


The Nova Scotia Community Access Program (NSCAP) is designed to assist communities to establish public Internet access sites and to train local citizens to make use of information technologies for social and economic benefit to the individual and to the community.

NSCAP has 209 sites in schools, libraries and other community centers providing communities with affordable public access to computers, the internet, educational opportunities and new forms of technology.

Communities are currently working together to increase and sustain services available at the sites.


































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