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Missing emails from one list to another

In 2018, it was noticed that many emails are being silently dropped from one list, mainly emails from lacralo-es not being sent to lacralo-en

Comparing :lacralo-en archives at and
lacralo-es archive at



Number of lacralo-en emails

Number of lacralo-es emailsMissing emails
Jan 2019659227
Dec 201863718
Nov 201867616
Oct 201863707
Sept 201861547
Aug 201876697
Jul 20181111209
Jun 2018667711
May 201817922950
Apr 201811714831
Mar 2018568024
Feb 201861665
Jan 20188310421


Better identification of

  • which email gives the transbot problems,
  • what and where in the email gives the transbot problems

in its error response emails.

When the translation tool has issues with the email, an email is sent from with
the static subject line "Unable to translate your email to ICANN lists" and a template text like

Dear <sender>

Thank you for your participation in the ICANN email list new-transbot-en.
You are getting this email because we were unable to translate your post automatically.
It violated one or more of the formatting rules we must impose to make translation possible.

A complete description of the formatting rules is available at:

In preparing your post for translation, we found the following format violations in your message:
    <issue, usually Sentence punctuation must be followed by a space>

Please edit your post and send it again.
Thank you.

The format violations message doesn't say WHERE the error is in the email. If its a long email, then how can users identify and correct such issues. Persons getting these messages and not easily seeing where the problem is aren't likely to understand how to do future emails better and the warning messages becomes more of an hindrance.

Perhaps a workaround is to have the text of the email in the error email and identify what section the transbot has issues with.

Other questions :

  • Why is the test required? Are the reasons for this test still valid ( translation tool can only send a limited amount of characters to the Google API)
  • How are domain names handled? Since domain names can't have spaces, do domain names without beginning with http:// trigger the error?




 Tool now identifies the subject line of the problem email in the body of the email


<DNT> tag isn't case sensitive.

Using <DNT> tag works to not translate text, but <dnt> does not.
The tool should be able to treat the DNT tag, regardless of case.



Fixed in November 2019 version of tool

The <DNT> tag will be seen in the original email but not in the translated one.

See EN and ES messages.

Q: Should the <DNT> tags be removed in the original email? I'm thinking it should

titleON HOLD

To achieve this, it would be necessary to re-architecture the transbot code.

Upon investigating the issue it was discovered this is a known limitation, rather than a bug in the existing code.

The request has been recorded as something to consider in a future iteration of the translation tool.

4ES Translated emails seem to remove several line breaks from the EN
See EN and ES messages


Re: attachments, new-transbot lists have a message and attachment limit of 200K

Given many PDFs will be larger, will be hard to test unless message size limit is raised

Tested with a smaller attachment, the attachment does go through. See EN and ES



The new-transbot list email size limit has been increased to 400K.

This is enforced for the entire email, including text and attachment.


Handling an email sent to both new-transbot-en and new-transbot-es lists at the same time.

When such an email to both lists happens, some emails don't get translated.