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14 November 2011
Members of NARALO are asked to place any comments on the NARALO ALS Survey Project on the wiki dedicated to this project.  This wiki can be found here.

17 October 2011
The Draft NARALO Statement on the Misappropriation of the .PR Domain is currently under discussion within NARALO.  NARALO members are asked to give feedback using the wiki page here.  Thank you.

28 July 2011
Please refer to the 2011 NARALO Elections page.  It outlines the various current elections and appointments for NARALO.

04 June 2011
The ExCom has requested that each RALO prepare a statement summarizing its thoughts on the Draft FY12 Operating Plan and Budget.  The deadline for the ALAC's statement on this topic is 17 June, so the regional comments will need to be complete well before then -- please target the week of 6 June for the completion of regional commetns.  Click here for the LACRALO workspace for working on this:  NARALO comment on Draft FY12 Operating Plan and Budget.

20 April 2011
In its last meeting, the ExCom requested feedback from each RALO about its current communication needs and its interest in collaborating on them with ICANN Communications.  For examples, please see the At-Large material on ICANN's E-Learning page.  Staff will contact each RALO about this.

15 March 2011: 
NARALO Showcase statistics

8 March 2011: 
ALAC/NCUC Town Hall Meeting Organization Call:  8 March 2011

25 January 2011: 
Please contribute to the SWOT Analysis of At-Large Improvements WT C

17 January 2011: 
NARALO Showcase Working Group gets started

June 2012

NARALO Toronto Events Workspace

May 2012
Members of NARALO are asked to take the NARALO Survey in EN, ES or FR through 31 July 2012