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This month's EURALO conference call and activities focused on the following subjects:

  • approval Approval by ALAC (following EURALO’s advice) of the two EURALO ALS applications from European Media Platform and The Ukrainian Internet Association, which brings the total number of EURALO ALSes up to 29 (with 26 active);
  • discussion Discussion of the recent ICANN Singapore meeting. Historical Board’s decision to pass the new gTLD program orbits ICANN not only in the sense of new technical and economical opportunities, but creates new communicational channels between ICANN and community. ALAC has to play a special role in this process;
  • another Another subject of discussion in Singapore was the role of GAC and its coordination with ICANN Board and ALAC, and then Board’s decision on Vertical Integration and JAS WG process, especially on applicant support;
  • NomCom decision in Singapore (with participation of Yrjö) was reported and results will be announced shortly;
  • the The problem of non-active ALSes was discussed at the RALO Secretariats’ meeting in Singapore. Within EURALO, there are three ALSes (Slovenian Consumer Association, KEPKA in Greece and, Switzerland), which do not respond to any EURALO activity since 2007. Wolf proposed a seven-step procedure to decertify non-active ALSes (i. a. because of problems with quorum requirements);
  • one One of the main results of the recent EURALO Belgrade General Assembly (8 participants physically present and 2 remote participants) was the intended creation of an ALS for individual members, and now it is necessary to form a WG to draft the bylaws for this ALS besides other preparatory steps;
  • EuroDIG (with 4th edition in Belgrade and next 5th in Stockholm) becomes a popular and recognised forum, but there is the goal and requirement to consolidate EuroDIG’s structure and make EuroDIG procedures more reliable. Wolf joined Sandra in the EuroDIG Secretariat, and a lot of EURALO members participate in EuroDIG activities. Another European event – Digital Agenda General Assembly, which took place in Brussels 16-17 June, was attended by Christopher;
  • recent Recent and upcoming activities of ALAC and EURALO members:
    • Internet meeting in India, 28 June (Sébastien, Olivier);
    • EuroSSIG, 24-30 July, Meissen, Germany (Sandra, Wolf, others);
    • IGF-UA, 2-3 September, Kiev, Ukraine (Oksana, Olivier, Wolf, others).