December 2014

Monthly activities in December were focused on a number of follow-ups.

One of the main items was the preparation for ICANN of the budget proposal for the 2016 fiscal year for the GA in autumn 2015, to be organised during the ICANN 54 meeting.

The IANA Stewardship transition and the proposal made by ALAC remained a key focus at the end of the year.

The CROPP program and applications from EURALO were also an important focus, and were debated during the monthly call, as well as the candidature of JJ Subrenat for the Netmundial Coordination Council, which was accepted.

The EuroDIG planning process and the December 31deadline for the call for topic proposals remained high on the agenda. The EuroDIG Secretariat reminded all RALO members about the mailing list and reported on the creation of a newspaper that will round up news on Internet governance activities all over Europe on a monthly basis. Another item of EuroDIG news was the South-Eastern European Roundtable, to be organised during EuroDIG 2015.

The new application for EURALO membership from Russia and the due diligence procedure to be prepared by staff was discussed by RALO members. Other applicants may submit their applications soon as well. The importance of individual membership was also a feature of discussion this month.


 November 2014

Monthly activities in November were focused on a number of follow-ups and the preparation of the EuroDIG planning process, with the open call for proposals. The topic proposals for Sofia 2015 remained an important issue for discussion and promotion among RALO members.

The IANA Stewardship transition and the accountability issues at ICANN remained hot topics of discussion for RALOs in line with these issues, EURALO members participated in a meeting in Frankfurt focused on IANA Stewardship transition.

Another event was the Geneva Internet Conference, which featured the participation of several EURALO members.

During November, EURALO ALSes also discussed the EURALO GA that could be organised during the Dublin meeting in autumn 2015 and the request for the budget for the GA to be submitted to ICANN for the 2016 fiscal year. 

October 2014

Monthly activities in October were focused on a number of follow-ups and mainly on the ICANN 51 meeting, which took place in Los Angeles on October 11-17, 2014. The important topics discussed during the ICANN 51 were the IANA Stewardship transition and the follow-up to the ATLAS II recommendation. During the meeting of the Regional Leadership, the question of the engagement and participation of RALOs inside the EURALO was raised and debated. 

One of the important points of the feedback from participants to ICANN 51 in Los Angeles was the success of the Leadership Training program. It was underlined that the program was a useful look at capacity and management training that gave participants the opportunity to meet people from different constituencies.

The EuroDIG preparation process for Sofia 2015 and the upcoming call for proposals remained another focus of activities in October. The RALOs were informed that the compilation of proposals will be completed by the end of January 2015, with the final program of EuroDIG to be decided in April 2015.


September 2014

Monthly activities in September were focused on a number of follow-ups and the preparation of the next ICANN meeting, which will take place in October of this year in Los Angeles. The participation in the ICANN Academy at ICANN 51 was underlined. 

The follow-up of the implementation of the ATLAS II recommendations and closer cooperation between At-Large and the Board on the issue has entered its active phase. 

The interesting feedback from ICANN Studienkreis meeting was noted. Discussions took place concerning the intervention of Mr Fadi Chéhadé during the second day of the above-mentioned event and also covered the NetMundial Initiative meeting in Geneva.

September was also the month of the follow-up on the outcomes of the IGF and the participation of At-Large members in a number of workshops and side events.

It is important to underline that the first preparatory meeting of EuroDIG 2015, which will take place in Sofia, was organized.

The new ALAC Leadership, Alan Greenberg, was introduced to the community and EURALO offers to Alan its warm congratulations for this nomination.

The Action Plan for EURALO 2015 is now open for comments and will be presented during the month of November - December of this year. 

July - August 2014

Monthly activities in July and August were limited due to the summer break. At the same time, the events organized during this period were rich. The main concern was the follow-up to the ICANN 50 meeting and the ATLAS II Declaration implementation process. 

The importance of such events like the European Summer School on Internet Governance (EuroSSIG) which will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary and which is the hub for new Internet Governance leaders- and the ICANN Studienkreis meeting, which was also organised in Sofia, Bulgaria, during July-August needs to be underlined.

The month of July was concentrated on the results from EuroDIG event, which took place in June in Berlin. The end of August was dedicated to the preparation of IGF meeting, which will take place in September in Istanbul, and the participation of EURALO ALSes in it.

June 2014

Monthly activities in June were focused on a number of important events in Europe in the field of Internet Governance.

One of them was the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG), organised in Berlin. Due to the success of the CROPP applications, five candidates represented EURALO in Berlin and engaged with potential future members of EURALO and other stakeholders around ICANN and EURALO roles and activities. They assumed outreach activities on behalf of EURALO.

ICANN 50 and EURALO GA were another important events. 80% of EURALO members attended the GA held during the ICANN 50 and participated in ICANN debates, as well as the ATLAS II Summit at ICANN 50.

During the EURALO GA a number of issues were discussed and presented to the members, including the targets achieved since the Lisbon GA in 2013, successful EURALO representation at different levels (ICANN Board, NomCom, At-Large Multistakeholder Award for Avri Doria) and the success with the main projects (EuroDIG and the ICANN Academy). The issue of better engagement of the EURALO ALSes was underlined and the need for a strategy on better outreach was discussed. The new Vice-President for Europe, Jean-Jacques Sahel, was presented to the stakeholders and stressed the need to reinforce the European Engagement Strategy. 

During the ATLAS II Summit at ICANN 50 there were many EURALO representatives. The ATLAS II Statement to the Multistakeholder Community was one of the successes of the Summit. 

May 2014

Monthly activities in May were focused on active preparation of the ATLAS II Summit, which will take place during the ICANN 50 in June of this year in London.

The main concern was the participation of EURALO ALSes in the Sub-Committee working groups and the preparation of the summit agenda. EURALO activities were focused on the preparation of the General Assembly, which will be organised during the ATLAS II Summit and the agenda points to be proposed as a part of the GA.  Agenda points have to be proposed by EURALO ALS and will be integrated in the agenda, to be discussed with ALSes representatives together with the Board Report and the EURALO strategy for 2014-2015.

The participation of the new ICANN Vice-President for Europe, Mr Jean-Jacques Sahel, in the EURALO GA was acknowledged and we would like to welcome Jean-Jacques.

The month of May also saw work devoted to ALAC Social Media Strategy and implementing its action points for ATLAS II.

Among other issues were the follow-up to CROPP procedure for Europe region, the upcoming EuroDIG event in June in Berlin and the participation of EURALO members in it, as well as the participation in the ICANN Working Group on Accountability and the preparation of the MoU to be proposed for signature between RIPE NCC and EURALO. 

April 2014

During the month of April, EURALO activities were actively focused on the follow-up to the post-ICANN Singapore achievements and the results of the selection of the candidate for Board 15.

Another point of discussion was the upcoming NetMundial event and the participation of EURALO members in it, together with EURALO concerns and priorities to be delivered and discussed during the aforementioned meeting. The follow-up to the NetMundial recommendation dominated EURALO activity at the end of the month.

The follow-up to the CROPP selection procedure and related logistical questions remained an important issue for the region.

The preparation of the ATLAS II Summit, which will take place in June in London, was another key focus of EURALO activities in April. The need for greater involvement by ALSes representatives in different Working Groups that were created to support the preparation of the Summit was highlighted.  

Other key focuses were the preparation of the final agenda and the participation of EURALO ALSes in EuroDIG for June of this year, as well as involvement in events, such as the EU MAPPING project meeting to take place in May 2014 in Rome. 

March 2014

Monthly activities in March were focused on the ICANN 49 meeting priorities and the new changes that were announced during this meeting, principally, the IANA transition and the transfer of key Internet technical functions decided by the US Government. The abovementioned priorities and the positions of EURALO members concerning these priorities were among the main discussion points in Singapore.

Among other key issues was the selection process of candidates for Board Seat 15, the regional consultation among member ALSes (with a high level of participation again), and the announcement of results with the appointment of Ms Rinalia Abdul Rahim as the next ICANN Board Director from At-Large, as selected by the At-Large Community. EURALO would like to offer Rinalia its warm congratulations!

Also of note was the approval of the CROPP submission candidates proposed by EURALO in February 2014, namely the two Armenian counterparts who were accepted as part of EURALO’s CROPP program.

Preparation for the ATLAS II Summit and the participation in EuroDIG in June this year remained important items on the agenda. Other actual EURALO challenges are: the outreach activities for ATLAS II which have to be designed and the preparation of EURALO’s next General Assembly which is planned to take place during ICANN 50 in London. 

February 2014

The month of February was mainly dedicated to commencing the implementation of items defined by the 2014 Action plan.

Monthly activities were concentrated on the preparation of the submission form for the CROPP programme for the agreed five candidates from Europe, which was carried out by the CROPP review team members.

Alongside the CROPP submission process, another important point was the participation of EURALO in the designing the budget for the 2015 fiscal year and the preparation of EURALO requests, which was completed on schedule. This point was of great importance in light of the uncertain future of the CROPP programme, which may be discontinued next year.

Another important item was the preparation process for the ATLAS II Summit, which will take place in Europe, London, in June 2014 and the improved participation of European ALSes in the Working Groups formed to prepare for the event.

The selection process of candidates for Board Seat 15 continued. Two European names presented as candidates for the above mandate are: Sébastien Bachollet and Jean-Jacques Subrenat.

The participation of ALSes in EuroDIG later this year was underlined, the first outline of the programme, together with a newly created wiki space is now available online –see:

It is important to mention the official support EURALO brought to the International Action Day (The day we fight back), which took place on the 11th of February. 

January 2014

 2014 started with active engagement of EURALO members in a number of activities:

Among important preoccupations of members was the support to the International action day on 11 February, which was dedicated to the fight against mass surveillance. EURALO was asked by organisers to support this action. After consultation with members, it was decided to express official support on behalf of EURALO, as privacy remains one of the priorities and concerns of the European regional at At-large.

The new CROPP Program and the selection of five regional candidates remained one of the important points on EURALO’s agenda. The issues became of particular importance due to the close deadline for applications in February.

The process of topics selection for EuroDIG 2014 was closely followed by members, the deadline for voting on submitted proposals closed on the 30th of January. The first planning meeting took place on the 31st January in Berlin attended by various members.

It is important to underline that the preparation of ATLAS II, scheduled to happen in June this year in London, and the selection of candidate for Board seat 15, were important issues for the region as well.

In January EURALO started to define regional priorities for its 2014 planning. 

December 2013

The month of December resulted in a number of activities. The follow-up of participation in ICANN 48 was one of the main agenda points of the month of December. EURALO members continued their participation in debates around Brazil Summit in April 2014 and the Multistakeholder Innovation Strategic Panels.

It is important to underline the success of the ICANN Academy Pilot project during ICANN 48, which was encouraged to become a regular event at ICANN’s AGM at the end of year.

A number of important events took place during the month of December; among them the meeting of High level Panel on Global Internet Cooperation & Governance Mechanisms, which took place in London, December 20. EURALO members closely followed this event.

Another important event was the second ICANN Brussels briefing meeting, attended by few EURALO ALSs, which partly focused on ICANN Engagement Strategy for Europe.

Among regional events, it is important to mention the first regional Azerbaijani Internet Governance Forum organised in Baku. 

The preparation of ATLAS II remained an important item on the December agenda. The preparation process continued to focus on strategic preparation and the analysis of survey data. It is necessary to mention that the next EURALO GA will take place during the ATLAS II in London, July 2014.

Also, the organisation of CROPP Program and the selection of EURALO representatives to CROPP Initiative were among agenda points in December.

Finally, the deadline for proposals of ideas for EuroDIG 2014 is set for December 31, 2013.

With best wishes for 2014, EURALO Secretariat!

November 2013

The main activities of the month of November were focused on the preparation of EURALO’s participation in the ICANN 48 meeting in Buenos Aires and the follow-up of this participation.

During ICANN 48, EURALO members actively participated, physically or remotely, in a number of discussions, namely:

- Montevideo Statement and Brazil Summit on Internet Governance

- Outreach activities and the ICANN Strategy for Europe

- Multistakeholder Innovation Strategic Panels

- ATLAS II planning discussions

- ICANN Academy Pilot project

- Board seat 15 selection process, etc.

EURALO leaders participated in ICANN 48 meeting organised between Mr Fadi Chehadé and At-large community.

The preparation of ATLAS II remained an important item of the month of November. ATLAS II will take place in July 2014 in London. The preparation process resulted in the analysis of the survey data launched among RALOs in October 2014. 

October 2013

In October the main focus was on a number of events in the field of Internet Governance.

EURALO members were closely following the results of the Montevideo meeting and considered the Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation issued by leaders on the 7th of October.

Another important announcement followed by EURALO members was the statement made by Mrs Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, after the meeting with Mr Fadi Chehadé, to host of the International Summit on Internet Governance in April 2014.

A lot of attention was paid to the events such as Ukrainian IGF in which a number of EURALO ALSs participated physically or remotely, and the Internet Governance Forum 2013, which took place in Bali, Indonesia. EURALO was well represented at the Bali IGF. A number of EURALO members were organisers of the workshops and side events.

Such issues as the preparation of the ATLAS II and ICANN Academy Pilot Leadership Training Project were among important agenda points in October.

The ATLAS II preparation resulted in a launch of the survey among the different RALOs.

The call for proposals of topics for the important European event – EuroDIG 2014 – was launched during IGF in Bali. EuroDIG will take place in June 2014 in Berlin. 

September 2013

After the holiday break, EURALO activities were mainly concentrated on the preparation of the input of interested ALs for the following discussed issues: 

It has to be underlined that, as the selection of candidates for the Board Member Selection Process Committee and the BCEC has started, EURALO with other RALOs has an important role to play in the process. This was one of the concerns of the members of EURALO during the month of September.

September was an important month for the preparation of EURALO engagement in IGF 2013. EURALO had a great representation, with 7 people physically present and engaged in a number of activities in Bali.

The launch of the ATLAS II survey and the development of its quantitative part were among other important EURALO activities, as At-Large summit will take place in London. All members of EURALO played an important role by actively participating in the survey.

July and August 2013

This is a summary report of EURALO’s activities over the last months. EURALO was very active to organize and conduct its 6th General Assembly (GA) in line with the last EuroDIG in June in Lisbon (see our previous reports). So to say, EURALO came back to its roots where EURALO was founded in March 2007 in line with the then European ICANN meeting in the Portuguese capital. And our last 2013 GA was the first F2F meeting after Mexico in 2009 where a vast majority of our member ALSes could meet physically (more than 80%). An unquestionable highlight of our Lisbon GA was the participation of ICANN’s President and CEO Fadi Chehade together with Nigel Hickson, ICANN’s Vice-President Stakeholder Engagement for Europe. This offered an opportunity to discuss ICANN’s Strategic Planning for the next five years with community members.

EURALO members in Lisbon discussed and defined some thematic priorities for our regional activities. Another key topic on the agenda was how to improve in-reach and involvement in ALAC consultation procedures and policy. Besides this, the Chair and Secretariat were re-elected (the latter Yuliya Morenets in a run-off voting round following the GA). Furthermore, the EURALO Board was re-elected with some incoming new members. For more details see

EURALO with its ALAC members participated at the last ICANN meeting in July in Durban/South Africa. And as in previous years, various members participated in the European Summer School on Internet Governance (EuroSSIG) in Meissen/Germany in August and at the last ICANN-Studienkreis meeting in Pisa/Italy in September – see and

As usual, there are no monthly calls held over the summer break in July and August. EURALO restarted its regular activities with its monthly call in September.

June 2013

All EURALO efforts in June were focused on the first F2F General Assembly (GA) after several years (2009) in Lisbon again. And in close cooperation with ICANN, EURALO organized a pre-event of EuroDIG on 19 June on the “ICANN Strategy for the next five years” where Fadi Chehade (ICANN President and CEO) and Nigel Hickson (VP Europe) were key speakers.

The EURALO GA was attended by 27 members providing a quorum of almost 90 per cent. Besides the GA regulars, EURALO’s leadership had to be reselected (Wolf Ludwig for the Chair and Yuliya Morenets as the new Secretariat – what made a run-off Online vote after the GA necessary).

The thematic focus of the assembly was on “how to improve participation and members involvement in regular EURALO work and regional advice to ALAC – ICANN?” There was a vivid discussion incl. definition of five thematic priorities for EURALO. For more details see the Lisbon GA meeting minutes:

The GA was followed by an ICANN-EURALO Outreach reception for EuroDIG participants and the local community to attract new members from the host country. The following two days EURALO members attended the 2013 EuroDIG with a packed program – see:

From a strategic POV, EURALO became a key driver and org. pillar of the EuroDIG process by getting more and more involved in the regional European IGF.

May 2013

EURALO priorities in May were:

- final stage of preparations for Lisbon GA (draft agenda setting, preparation for EURALO officers selection, posting of a draft Board report and other businesses);

- EuroDIG 2013 preparation process (up-dates from Sandra and Wolf as EuroDIG Secretariat);

- discussion on next steps for ALS for individual members with Roberto and Veronica as contact points in their interim capacity, or to wait for any comments from other individual members);

- preparation to ICANN Academy pilot project in Buenos Aires (and presentation of draft curriculum in Durban – Sandra, Avri);

- participation at IGF-MAG consultation and other IG events in Geneva (Avri, Bill, Veronica, Wolfgang, Yuliya);

- participation at the Stockholm Internet Forum (Yrjo);

- participation at an international seminar in Moscow “Internet Governance after WCIT-12” (Olivier, Avri, Desiree, Oksana);

- on-going discussion of the problem with ICANN geographical regions (after Roberto's report on his trip to Armenia) and different ways to deal with this problem.

April 2013

EURALO activities in April concentrated on:

- participation at the ICANN 46 meeting in Beijing (among the most important topics which were discussed where: preparation for At-Large Summit (ATLAS 2) in summer 2014 in London, the role of ALAC officers and ALSs in communication between ALAC/ICANN and local Internet communities, internationalization of ICANN, budget aspects regarding new gTLD future);

- EuroDIG outreach (F2F meeting in Beijing in line with ICANN conference, agenda setting and mobilization) -

- follow-up for preparations of Lisbon GA\\

- next steps on ICANN Academy (F2F meeting in Beijing, survey, presentation of new ICANN on-line Educational platform -

ICANN Online Education Platform and the role of the ICANN Academy WG - Open Discussion with Matthew Shears );

- national events (Finnish Internet Forum - , Russian Internet Governance Forum - )

March 2013

EURALO priorities in March were:

  • Over the last weeks, EURALO was closely involved in the creation and launch of a Swiss IGF, the pilot event is foreseen for 19 April in Berne – see
  • Next preparation steps for the Lisbon GA: after registration formalities have been accomplished the draft agenda needs to be discussed and approved at the monthly call in April – improvement of communicative tools and understanding the role of ALSs in representing end users in ICANN);
  • Preparation for ICANN 46 meeting in Beijing (discussion, among other issues, the problem of suffrage and results of ICANN Academy survey);
  • There seems to be some progress with the creation of a home ALS for individual members (thanks to initiatives of Wolf and Siranush with support of Roberto and Veronica);
  • Further preparations for EuroDIG 2013.

February 2013

Our February activities focused on completion of the registration for the next Lisbon GA in June) and discussion of the first program outline of EuroDIG 2013 (Lisbon, 20-21 June). Registration for GA was completed by 17 February with 27 confirmed representatives of our ALSes (80% of all members). This is a good result being a challenge for a rather tough GA budget. That is why ICANN At-Large Staff needs to start with travel arrangements for registered participants ASAP.

The overarching theme for the 2013 EuroDIG is “Internet for society – how to serve the public interest?”. EuroDIG Secretariat (Sandra and Wolf) were asking for comments on the first program outline to be discussed at the 2nd Planning meeting in line with the IGF consultations (1 March) in Paris following the WSIS-10 meeting where a lot of EURALO members participate.

Some EURALO members also participated in Safer Internet Days (5 February). Sandra continues to work on the results of ICANN Academy survey. Another issue was raised by Avri and has to be discussed within EURALO before the upcoming ICANN meeting in Beijing. „At-Large suffrage request to RALOs“.

January 2013

Priorities for this month’s activity were preparations and member mobilisation for our 2013 GA and EuroDIG, as well as on-going discussion of postWCIT12 issues. In response to the chair’s circular mail and 1st reminder to the members list with announcement of the next F2F GA in line with EuroDIG 2013 in Lisbon, representatives of 15 ALSes confirmed their participation already. An enduring problem remains the lacking initiative of our individual members, who did not respond to the bylaws proposal, drafted by Wolf.

Until the deadline for submissions of topics for EuroDIG 2013 by 1st of January, the Secretariat received, reviewed, listed and compiled 55 proposals, which will be discussed by the open planning meeting on 29 January in Lisbon (with broad participation from community members, physically or remotely. See:

EURALO is pleased to welcome two new member organizations / ALSes: dotHIV  from Germany certified by ALAC in January, and the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (UniBIT) based in Bulgaria (ALAC vote in process). One applicant has withdrawn unfortunately.

PostWCIT12 issues at webinar:

and Wolfgang Kleinwächter’s related article:

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