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Regional Officers




Mohamed El Bashir

ISOC Sudan

 2017AGM-2019 AGM Elected


Fatimata Seye Sylla by acclamationAGMICT4D, Education & Genre2017 AGM-2019 AGMElected
SecretariatSarah KidenISOC Uganda

2016 AGM-


2018 AGM

2018 AGM-2020 AGM


ALAC Members 

PositionName Term
ALAC member

Seun Ojedeji

2017 AGM-2019 AGM
ALAC memberTijani Ben Jemaa

2017 AGM-


2018 AGM

2018 AGM - 2020 AGM

ALAC member (NomCom)Hadia Elminiawi2017 AGM-2019 AGM

ALAC NomCom Delegate representing the African Region

PositionName Term
NomCom DelegateAziz Hilali

2017 AGM-2018 AGM

2018 AGM- 2019 AGM

AFRALO Bylaw Rules for Regional Officers


6.8 The duties of the Officers of the AFRALO shall be as determined by the Members as they may decide from time to time by the majority of a quorum. 6.9 If a vacancy occurs amongst those positions referenced in this Part III a replacement shall be elected to fill the remainder of the term by a simple majority of a quorum of the Members of AFRALO.

ALAC Members


2016AGM-2018AGM; 2014AGM-2016AGM


2017 AGM- 2019 AGM




ALAC Voting Delegates to the NomCom


ALAC Appointed Delegates to the NomCom


2017 AGM-2018 AGM

ICANN Bylaw Rules for ALAC Regional Officers