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Regional Officers




Mohamed El Bashir

ISOC Sudan

 2017AGM-2019 AGM Elected


Fatimata Seye Sylla by acclamationAGMICT4D, Education & Genre2017 AGM-2019 AGMElected
SecretariatSarah KidenISOC Uganda

2016 AGM-


2018 AGM

2018 AGM-2020 AGM


ALAC Members 

PositionName Term
ALAC member

Seun Ojedeji

2017 AGM-2019 AGM
ALAC memberTijani Ben Jemaa

2017 AGM-


2018 AGM

2018 AGM - 2020 AGM

ALAC member (NomCom)Hadia Elminiawi2017 AGM-2019 AGM

ALAC NomCom Delegate


Previous Regional Officers  

representing the African Region

PositionName ALS/LocationTerm Comments
NomCom Delegate


Aziz Hilali

Moroccan Internet Society; Morocco

 2015AGM-2017AGM Elected


Mohamed El Bashir

ISOC Sudan

 2015AGM-2017AGM Elected
SecretariatSarah KidenISOC Uganda 2016 AGM-2018AGM Elected

2017 AGM-2018 AGM

2018 AGM- 2019 AGM

AFRALO Bylaw Rules for Regional Officers

According to Part III, Article 6 of the AFRALO Operating Principles, the responsibilities and terms of the AFRALO Officers are:


6.8 The duties of the Officers of the AFRALO shall be as determined by the Members as they may decide from time to time by the majority of a quorum. 6.9 If a vacancy occurs amongst those positions referenced in this Part III a replacement shall be elected to fill the remainder of the term by a simple majority of a quorum of the Members of AFRALO.

ALAC Members

RALO/NomCom Result Term
AFRALOTijani Ben JemmaRALO Elected2016AGM-2018AGM; 2014AGM-2016AGM
AFRALOSeun Ojedeji RALO Elected2015AGM-2017AGM
AFRALOWafa Dahmani ZaafouriNomCom selected2015AGM-2017AGM


ALAC Voting Delegates to the NomCom

ALAC Appointed Delegates to the NomCom
Dave Kissoondoyal 2016-AGM-2017AGM; 2015AGM - 2016AGM;

ICANN Bylaw Rules for ALAC Regional Officers