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RSSAC057 was published on 9 September 2021. All RSSAC publications can be found at

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Recommendation DescriptionCurrent Phase
Recommendation 1

The RSSAC recommends that a tool, or set of tools, be built based on the requirements articulated in Section 3 of this document. The tools described in Section 4 of this document could be used as building blocks. The tools should be made available for the Internet community.


Recommendation 2

The RSSAC recommends that the ICANN Board identify a person or group to collaborate with the RSSAC Caucus on further development of a data repository as described in Section 5 of this document. The purpose of such collaboration is to make a specific proposals for a data repository, including:

A. Implementation of the data publication mechanism
B. Whether or not access to measurement results should be public or limited due to privacy concerns
C. How to ensure data quality and prevent abuse
D. A proposed database schema and model
E. A proposed data exchange format (e.g., JSON)
F. Cost estimates for the initial development and ongoing operation
G. Identification of groups or parties that could operate the data repository

Phase 3 4 | Evaluate & ConsiderImplement