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RSSAC055 was published on 7 July 2021. All RSSAC publications can be found at

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Recommendation 1

During the writing of RSSAC037, the RSSAC identified the key factors for the success of the DNS in general, and the RSS in particular. Eleven guiding principles emerged from the discussions and are listed in RSSAC037. The principles have been referred to in different contexts often enough that the RSSAC has decided to publish them separately here, with additional explanatory text.

Some items in the list of guiding principles apply to the RSS as a whole, while others apply to the individual RSOs that make up the RSS. A primary goal for the RSS is to support the entire Internet community by serving a single consistent root zone. To support that goal for the RSS, each RSO is committed to being neutral, impartial, and focused on the provisioning and maintenance of the RSS technical infrastructure. Thus, the principles listed for the RSS and the RSOs are interrelated.