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RSSAC054 was published on 16 December 2020. All RSSAC publications can be found at

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Recommendation DescriptionCurrent Phase
Recommendation 1

On October 27, 2020, the ICANN Organization published a public comment proceeding on Recommendations for ICANN’s Root Name Service Strategy and Implementation. This public comment proceeding asks for feedback on OCTO-016: ICANN’s Root Name Service Strategy and Implementation.

The RSSAC welcomes this public comment proceeding and recognises ICANN’s operational remit, scope and independence over IMRS operation. Root Server Operator independence is one of the key features of the Root Server System and RSSAC has stated the importance of this feature as one of key values and strength points of the whole system. Keeping that in mind, there are areas in the publication that RSSAC finds refer to a scope larger than just IMRS operations.