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RSSAC022 was published on 6 October 2016. All RSSAC publications can be found at

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Recommendation DescriptionCurrent Phase
Recommendation 1

Response to 9 June 2016 input request from PDP Working Group on the new gTLDs Subsequent Procedures regarding overarching questions (as part of the Group's first Community Comment process). RSSAC does not have any input on those overarching questions. RSSAC does not foresee any technical issues provided future plans for more TLDs are consistent with the past expansion program. If the approach to future TLD expansion significantly changes, the RSSAC would like to be consulted.

RSSAC advises root zone management partners and root server operators to implement coordination procedures so that root server operators can notify ICANN in the event of stress on the root name service. Similarly, ICANN should structure its obligations to new gTLD registries so that it can delay their addition to the root zone in case of root name service instabilities.