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RSSAC013 was published on 9 July 2015. All RSSAC publications can be found at

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Recommendation DescriptionCurrent Phase
Recommendation 1

The RSSAC wishes to make a recommendation relating to the naming scheme used for individual root servers.

The document will:

  1. Document the technical history of the names assigned to individual root servers since the creation of the Root Server System;
  2. Consider changes to the current naming scheme, in particular whether the names assigned to individual root servers should be moved into the root zone from the ROOT-SERVERS.NET zone;
  3. Consider the impact on the priming response of including DNSSEC signatures over root server address records;
  4. Perform a risk analysis, and5) Make a recommendation to root server operators, root zone management partners, and ICANN on whether changes should be made, and what those changes should be.