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Outreach Goals:


Objectives:  To build capacity among existing ALSes as well as create outreach opportunities in conjunction with the ALAC Outreach and Engagement Strategy in order to build connections with regional organizations as well as with current and potential ALSes. This coordination will help APRALO to fulfill its vision of creating a vibrant community that can contribute to ICANN policy as well to Internet Governance as it applies to ICANN’s remit.

The APRALO Leadership Team (ALT) has been carrying out a series of activities aimed at fulfilling the above objective. The resources for these activities have been garnered from a variety of sources. During this period, APRALO was involved in the following activities:

  • Continued and enhanced our collaboration with the APAC Hub, as well as with our regional partners such as Internet Society, APNIC, APTLD, and DotAsia through activities such as joint events, capacity building webinars and outreach visits.
  • Participated in the following events several global and regional events during FY19:
    • Participated in all ICANN meetings in FY18 - Panama, Kobe, Marrakech
    • For ICANN64 at Kobe, organized outreach sessions jointly with the APAC Hub. Also arranged an in camera meeting between ISOC-JP, as well as meetings with APAC Hub and APRALO. Attended the Regional Partners meetings.
    • Participated in the ME DNS forum
    • Participated in IGF 2018 at Paris, with the LT members organizing and speaking at multiple workshops
    • Participated in APRICOT 2019 (Daejeong, South Korea), and the APTLD and AP* meetings there. Also, organized informal meetings of APRALO ALSes and members there
    • Continued to promote ALS events on the APRALO Outreach calendar
    • The GSE-funded trip to Myanmar, planned for late FY19, has been moved to early FY20
  • Continued to encourage ALS and individual member participation in ALAC policy development
  • Continued to stimulate formation of new ALSes and recruitment of new individual members.
  • In 2018, Ali AlMeshal was re-elected as Vice Chair, and Satish Babu as Chair for the term 2019-2020
  • During FY19, APRALO Leadership also participated as volunteers on the Dot Asia Board, the Public Interest Registry, AUDA (and various Internet Society Boards) to represent end-user interests in domain-related activities and issues.
  • In FY19, APRALO LT members leveraged funding from multiple sources (including from personal sources and from APRALO partners) apart from ICANN funds (CROP and RALO Discretionary Budget)

Throughout FY20, APRALO will continue its community outreach through regional events that offer the greatest opportunity to make contact with regional organisations, ALS members and potential APRALO members, but with current budget constraints and limitation LT are trying to manage as much as possible how to maximize the utilization of such budget . APRALO has access to various funds to assist the Leadership Team and selected active ALS participants, to attend events within the region with the purpose of outreach and engagement. These funding sources proposed for APRALO activities in FY20 include:

Funding Source


Potential Users of the fund

CROP/GSE/ Discretionary budget

As per the new budget we have 3 CROP slots and a discretionary budget of USD 4000 (the allocation maybe enhanced after the budget is finalized).

  1. Participating in 2019 APrIGF at Vladivostok through a CROP slot (Satish) with two additional nights from discretionary funds
  2. Maureen and Lianna to participate in APrIGF 2019 with independent funding. APRALO members also attend APrIGF through fellowships provided by APNIC, InternetNZ, DotAsia, ISOC and ICANN
  3. Participation in IGF2019 at Berlin with partial support from discretionary budget (subject to disbursal norms of the discretionary funds)
  4. Participation in APRICOT2020  (Melbourne, Australia) with independent funding for travel and discretionary funds for accommodation (1 CROP + 3 private funding and/or fellowships that are offered for APRICOT and APNIC meetings)..
  5. APTLD 2020 meetings (Lianna, with independent funding and additional support from discretionary funding)
  6. APrIGF 2020 (Kathmandu, dates likely to be in May 2020). Satish to travel on own funding and support for accommodation from discretionary funds;
  7. Myanmar (Lianna, GSE-funded): This trip was postponed from FY19, and scheduled for Aug 2019.
  8. One event in Central Asian Republics (to be discussed with GSE-APAC and GSE-Europe)
  9. A CROP trip to the Pacific, possibly just after APRICOT 2010 at Melbourne (Satish/Lianna)
  10. A pilot program on funding APRALO ALSes on extension activities for dissemination of ICANN Policy (including readouts), with support from discretionary funds

Leadership Team and members to provide outreach to communities about APRALO activities, ICANN At-Large and also networking within the community.

Private sponsors

A range of events provided by private sponsors. For instance, Maureen, Lianna and Satish are expected to participate in APRICOT 2020 with support from DotAsia. Lianna may be attending an event in Central Asia (IGF or SIG). Satish will travel to APrIGF 2020 with own funds.

Members of private sponsor organisations who want to participate in any other ICANN or non-ICANN event

GSE Funding

APAC GSE may support a trip to the Central Asian republics based on discussions. The Myanmar trip deferred from FY19, also supported by GSE, will be organized in early FY20.

The Myanmar trip will be undertaken by Lianna. Participation in other trips, if they materialize, will be selected based on discussions with the APRALO LT.

Other Events in Region

  • ME DNS Forum
  • EE DNS Forum
  • Arab IGF
  • APIGA, APSIG and 8 national SIGs (Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Eastern Partnership SIG)

Those are different regional events that LT and any other member of APRALO ALS will be participating in, through independent/private funds.


Any other national, regional or international event

For events that are not supported directly, LT members can self-sponsor.


Our strategic aims are to:

  • Recruit potential members from countries where there are no current members
  • Recruit potential new members from current member countries
  • Recruit individual members from the entire region
  • Encourage members to engage in Policy development
  • Regularly communicate with and update APRALO members about APRALO and ICANN activities.
  • The engagement teams for Kobe, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc, aim to identify and engage a potential ALS and/or individual members  
  • Outreach sessions will explain the work of APRALO, At-Large and the ALAC, as well as to talk about current high interest policy issues
  • ICANN Learn, as well as APAC and ALAC capacity building webinars will be introduced and encouraged (by remote  access or archived sessions, as well as in real time)
  • Engage with regional partners, particularly for exploring the co-location of the APRALO General Assembly for 2021 or 202
  • Engage in a pilot program to encourage ALSes to arrange readouts or other policy support sessions, for which small funding (around USD 200-300) could be provided
Expected Activities and Outcomes:

Expected Outcomes:

CROP1: APrIGF 2019, Vladivostok (Satish) (16-19 July 2019)

APrIGF is an important regional event, and perhaps the broadest in terms of coverage of topics and participants. APrIGF is also a strategic partner of APRALO, with whom we are seeking closer links (for instance, APRALO is planning to co-locate its next General Assembly with APrIGF). As such, it is an important event where APRALO needs to be represented.

The objectives of the CROP Trip are:

  • Exploring opportunities for regional cooperation and collaboration with regional organizations including the APrIGF community, APNIC, APTLD, ISOC, and APSIG
  • Reaching out to potential ALSes and individual members in the Pacific Rim region. Any Russian contacts will be handed over to EURALO for further processing
  • Sounding out APrIGF MAG on the possibility of collaboration for convening APRALO General Assembly jointly with APrIGF in future (2021 or 2022)
  • Participating in discussions on the state of the Internet in the APAC Region, and address the challenges and opportunities in bringing in the next Billion from the region
  • Participating in workshops and sessions in order to present perspectives on ICANN and At-Large topics relevant to the region (eg., IDNs and Universal Acceptance which is relevant to both local Russian organizations as well as Asia-Pacific)
  • Targeting APrIGF Fellows as potential APRALO members
  • Discussing possible strategies for better integrating Central Asian Republics into APRALO

Expected Outcomes:

GSE-supported Trip to Myanmar (Lianna)

Myanmar currently does not have any Internet end-user groups or associations. Myanmar’s active Internet community largely comprises separate smaller groups of the technical community. Engagement in Myanmar would allow APRALO leadership to understand the local Internet community and landscape better. Hence, we plan to arrange meetings with several technical communities within Myanmar with the potential to join APRALO as an ALS. Proposed meetings are with: ISOC Myanmar Chapter, Generation Panel for Myanmar script Label Generation Rules, and Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF).

Our objectives are to:

  • Enhance the awareness about APRALO, ICANN At-Large and ICANN and their respective roles in Internet Governance with the local Internet community
  • Inform on capacity building initiatives such as APIGA and APSIG

To achieve the above, Lianna, together with GSE APAC, will:

  • Identify organizations and interested individuals that we can work with which may eventually become members (ALS or Individual) of APRALO
  • Cultivate their continued interest in ICANN and APRALO

Expected Outcomes:

CROP2: APRICOT 2020, Melbourne (Ali)

  • Opportunity to update the technical community about APRALO and ALAC activities and strategic objectives
  • Raised awareness of APRALO and its activities and involvements among other regional groups (making use of networking opportunities)
  • Increased networking links for the APRALO Leadership team and learning more about the work and activities of APNIC as well as other members of the regional technical community.
  • Provide a report to APRALO newsletter and CROP recording important interventions, interactions and feedback during our networking sessions during the week.
  • Identify organizations that we can work with which may eventually become members of APRALO

Expected Outcomes: 

CROP3: Outreach to Central Asia (Satish/Lianna)

Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan):

The at-large communities in Central Asia are currently not represented in APRALO. The purpose for engagement are two-prong: first, for the APRALO leadership to understand the local and regional Central Asian Internet community and landscape better; and second, to identify potential ALSes/Individual Members to join APRALO. Hence, APRALO in partnership with GSE APAC and GSE EE&CA plan to arrange meetings with several Internet communities with the potential to join APRALO within one of the Central Asian countries.

Potential opportunities to engage in Central Asia are, but not limited to:

  • Participating in the 2-day .uz 25th Anniversary Conference, tentatively scheduled around 20-30 April 2020. The conference aims to gather regional participants from Central Asia.
  • Participating in Central Asian IGF, tentatively scheduled in mid-May 2020. As this regional IGF will gather a broader audience including at-large and technical communities, it may be a good opportunity to do broad outreach to raise awareness on ICANN/APRALO.

Our engagement objectives are to:

  • Enhance the awareness about APRALO, ICANN At-Large and ICANN and their respective roles in Internet Governance with the local and regional Internet community
  • Understand the Internet landscape in Central Asia
  • Explore collaboration opportunities between APRALO and at-large communities in Central Asia

To achieve the above, APRALO, together with GSE APAC and GSE EE&CA, will:

  • Identify organizations and interested individuals that we can work with which may eventually become members (ALS or Individual) of APRALO
  • Cultivate their continued interest in ICANN and APRALO


Other Details:

Capacity Building initiatives

APRALO has been active in supporting regional and national initiatives such as SIGs and IGFs that bring in new talent to the IG community and enable recruitment to the APRALO community as individual members or ALSes. These include the following initiatives:

Regional initiatives: The Asia-Pacific Academy in Internet Governance (APIGA) is a regional capacity building initiative organized in South Korea by ICANN and KISA and supported by several other organizations such as APNIC, ISOC, APTLD and APRALO. APIGA targets youth and young professionals, and provides a stream of potential recruits for us.

The Asia-Pacific School on Internet Governance (APSIG) is a regional initiative that aims at training national SIG organizers in the region. APSIG tries to take up new and emerging technology and policy matters through global experts who speak at the event.

These regional initiatives as well as the national SIGs in Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka provide a cadre of new talent. It is proposed that our leadership development efforts such as the mentoring programme includes the alumni of these programmes as well.

APRALO will also ensure that dissemination of ICANN’s technical activities of specific relevance to the region (in particular, IDNs & Universal Acceptance) will be taken up for outreach. For FY20, Workshop proposals have been submitted on IDNs & UA for both the Berlin IGF and APrIGF.

APRALO and Oceania GSE will also support any initiatives in the Pacific sub-region that may arise out of the work by the regional ALS - PICISOC -  to promote the work of ICANN within the region, also supported by any of its members who have participated in ICANN and APRIGF Fellowship programmes.

Enhanced Regional Coordination

APRALO has been enjoying excellent relations with ICANN APAC Hub at Singapore. At Kobe, the Regional Workshop initiated a process of enhanced dialogue with regional partners, including ICANN APAC Hub, APrIGF, APNIC, APTLD and DotAsia. Under this initiative, APRALO will work closely with APrIGF and APNIC to explore holding the APRALO 2020 General Assembly jointly with either of them.

APRALO Social Media and Newsletter

APRALO’s newsletter is a well-established means of informing internal and external communities about activities within the community, and it will continue during the year. APRALO’s Social Media WG will use social media and the APRALO Monthly Newsletter in a co-ordinated manner to (a) disseminate policy information from ICANN to ALSes, individual members and the broad community, as well as to encourage participation by APRALO members in At-Large policy discussions; (b) share information of activities of ALSes, individual members and regional partners and community members; and (c) share administrative matters of APRALO.

The outcome of this involvement will be the production of the 2019 APRALO Yearbook eBook, compiled of each of the monthly newsletters, to follow on from the successful 2018 APRALO Yearbook. It is listed on the APRALO website. There is also a ppt program that introduces the APRALO Leadership Team.

At-Large Summit (ATLAS III)

The third ATLAS will be held in ICANN66 Montreal, Canada. APRALO members have actively participated in the Leadership Development Teams and Programming Working Groups in order to assist with the selection of the travelers who will be sponsored to the event to participate in the ATLAS capacity building and policy leadership training course, as well as assisting with developing the capacity building programme that will help to develop RALO leaders in policy development at the grass roots level of our regional organizations. APRALO leadership will encourage all members to undertake the preparatory webinar and ICANN Learn courses to build knowledge and understanding about how ICANN works, as well as  support members who qualify according to the specified hard criteria to complete the ATLAS application form.

The Leadership Team will also encourage APRALO members to participate in working groups to support the work of the At-Large Review Implementation Program which focuses on enhancing RALO participation in At-Large policy and outreach working groups and activities.  

Date Submitted:

Acknowledgements Section

Note: To be completed by a Program Coordinator (PC) designated by this organization/structure.



Who Confirmed?

Date of Confirmation




Who Confirmed?

Date of Confirmation


The detailed Outreach Strategic Plan has been properly completed per CROP requirements.YesAli AlMeshal VC APRALO23/5/2019
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized this Outreach Strategic Plan.Yes Satish Babu Chair APRALO21/5/2019
The Outreach Strategic Plan has been concurred by the Stakeholder Engagement V.P.YesJia-Rong VP GSE team21/05/2019