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Tuesday 20 November 2012 at 1900 UTC




2. Review of AIs (18th September)


- Slovenian and Greek ALS : For Agenda Planning next year (see draft of master plan)


3. Brief on current ALAC consultations and initiatives


1. Community input for Strategic plan: Work done by Finance and Budget SC. Chair asked if anyone interested is encouraged to join


12. IDN Variant TLD Program - Edmon Chung will be able to say if statement is needed.


Open Policy Forum

Proposed Modification of GNSO PDP Manual to Address the Suspension of a PDP - We try to avoid interference with GNSO procedural work.


            v. Preliminary Issue Report on the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) Part D - Comment period closes 14 December


OCL reminded that for drafting statements you do not need to be an ALAC members but volunteers are always welcome to hold the pen.


Sebastian:  Few words on the consolidated meeting strategy. The PPC and Board will work on the comments, what is inside the proposal is not a done deal. Do not make any assumption on what will happen.

Sebastien: Seb raise the additional issue about policy.The Board act upon the report of the Whois review team and while asking the CEO to put in place the Review team proposals, is also asking the CEO to start from scratch a study on directory services for gTLDs (actual and future).



Wolf : Are there consequences for the European region with the new consolidated meeting strategy?


On the content side, I attended good meetings organized by At-Large members. On At EURALO it was Yuliya, Oksana and Sandra who organized Workshops and many of our members were invited as speakers. There were many other ALAC organized meetings. Good representation from the ICANN community. Besides a EuroDIG booth there was one from ICANN managed by Matt Asthiani.