Summary Minutes and Action Items

Tuesday 20 November 2012 at 1900 UTC


2. Review of AIs (18th September)

- Slovenian and Greek ALS : For Agenda Planning next year (see draft of master plan)

- EURALO to start planning for the GA - Masterplan created

- Wolf to send email on WG participation- Done


3. Brief on current ALAC consultations and initiatives

1. Community input for Strategic plan: Work done by Finance and Budget SC. Chair asked if anyone interested is encouraged to join

2. Use of a draw for NGTLD applications. This is a lottery. To make sure that IDNs and applications from developing countries be given priorities

3. By law amendments

4. IDN ccTLDS- Statement drafted by IDN WG - Approved

5. Trademark clearinghouse- Ongoing story. Too expensive to implement.

6. ALAC Statement on the community input of

7. R3 paper - discussion paper to start a discussion throughout ICANN to improve ICANN. There will be a consultation shortly

Heidi: This is the second ALAC statement which has gone to public comment

8. ICANN consolidated ICANN meeting proposal- It is hard to find suitable locations in some parts of the world.  Only NA and Africa would be losing meetings in the next 3 years, the rest do not.

9.  APRALO Statement (on the side)

10. IDN Variant TLD Program : Edmon Chung will draft it. Will be filed during the reply period.

11. Expired Registration Recovery Policy-  Initially there would not be a statement.

12. IDN Variant TLD Program - Edmon Chung will be able to say if statement is needed.

Open Policy Forum

Proposed Modification of GNSO PDP Manual to Address the Suspension of a PDP - We try to avoid interference with GNSO procedural work.

Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) Part C Policy Development Process (PDP) Recommendations for Board Consideration - No Statement

Expert Recommended Improvements to ICANN's Accountability Structures - No Statement

        . Application for New GNSO Constituency Candidacy-"Public Internet     Access/Cybercafe Ecosystem" -  (Highly political )

            v. Preliminary Issue Report on the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) Part D - Comment period closes 14 December

OCL reminded that for drafting statements you do not need to be an ALAC members but volunteers are always welcome to hold the pen.

Sebastian:  Few words on the consolidated meeting strategy. The PPC and Board will work on the comments, what is inside the proposal is not a done deal. Do not make any assumption on what will happen.

Sebastien: Seb raise the additional issue about policy.The Board act upon the report of the Whois review team and while asking the CEO to put in place the Review team proposals, is also asking the CEO to start from scratch a study on directory services for gTLDs (actual and future).

Wolf : Are there consequences for the European region with the new consolidated meeting strategy?

OCL: yes, there will be more meetings in Europe.


4. Briefing from the Toronto meeting and the recent IGF in Baku

Wolf: There were at least 4 people present in Toronto and in Baku. There were some problems getting VISAS. A major problem regarding the Toronto meeting and also for the IGF, particularly for Armenia.

Oksana: I discussed the issue with Canadian ccTLD. It was unfair not to give VISA to them.

Siranush: People from Armenia were not able to go to Baku and even to follow remotely. There were no transcripts or other means. Hopefully the location for the next IGF will take this into account.

Yrjo: Visa problems in Toronto. The ones with problems were the 3 ALAC reps and I would propose that ALAC tells ICANN that host country makes a commitment to give access to those participants on the ICANN meetings. Of course, if we have 3 ALAC people missing at the NomCom that affects then the balance of the meeting.

Wolf: I put the proposal forward to OCL.

OCL: I would suggest that you make your comments in the ALAC list and appoint someone as penholder.

Yrjo: Volunteered to hold the pen.

AI: Yrjo to draft note re visas for future ICANN meetings. It will be  followed up by EURALO sending an email to the ALAC.

Sebastian: It would be useful to have something for senior staff to be aware that this issue is  being taken seriously by the community.


IGF: Wolf mentioned it was the worst IGF with various issues such as internet connectivity. Most of the time there was no internet access at all.

On the content side, I attended good meetings organized by At-Large members. At EURALO it was Yuliya, Oksana and Sandra who organized Workshops and many of our members were invited as speakers. There were many other ALAC organized meetings. Good representation from the ICANN community. Besides a EuroDIG booth there was one from ICANN managed by Matt Ashtiani.

Yuliya:  IGF : The level of discussion and quality of work was very high and WS were very well attended. As a newcomer there was a very interesting meeting with the COO of ICANN and At-large members.

OCL: See link on At-large Baku activities. We had a huge number of people that took part not only in the WS funded but many other WS which other people from At-Large had to manage. The only concern I had was that there were many WS plus the main sessions.  I do have concerns about having so many different sessions.

Yulila: Yes, this issue will be raised how to better organize and coordinate the sessions.  I will bring the comments to the MAG at the next IGF Consultations in February in Paris.


5. Update on the ICANN Academy follow-up from Toronto (5 min. / Wolf and Olivier)

There were 2 meetings in Toronto on this, many additional comments and inputs collected from the broader community. A new WG created to follow up on the project proposal for Beijing or afterwards.

Sandra will give a more detailed update at our next calls.


6.  EURALO planning 2013 -- draft master plan and discussion

Wolf asked all to take a look at the Master plan and to have it discussed in our next call in December. One of the main challenges EURALO has to face is mobilizing our members for our next F2F GA in Lisbon. We can count on ICANN 's support and funding for our members to come to Lisbon the day before the next EuroDIG – on June 5th. Compared to our last GAs in 2010 (Vilnius), 2011 (Belgrade) and 2012 (Stockholm), preparing a f2f GA means more organization work and one of the key problems is the lack of participation of our members. Such a big task cannot be done in few weeks, we need to start ASAP and by the beginning of next year.  In Dec we should be in the position to approve this planning. I am ready to prepare the draft circular mails to our members. From the beginning of next year we need to contact them directly and to coordinate the mobilization, as outlined in the master plan. Wolf suggested staff to look after the Slovenian and Greek ALS.

There will be a EuroDIG prep meeting in Lisbon in January and Wolf will have a fist hand look at suitable accommodations for the GA (cheaper rate pre-reservations).

Jan, Feb, March will be important months to remobilize our members and I hope 80% of members can be mobilized. The earlier we know about numbers of participants, the cheaper we can arrange travel.

Heidi: Will you also organize a reception and outreach event combined?

Wolf: It could be a good idea to combine something like an outreach after the GA. Yes, it would be a great idea and a great opportunity, because we could circulate the invitation via de Eurodig mailing list. 

AI: SV will add the Outreach Event to the Master Plan

Wolf: The main focus and priority of the GA is In-reach. To remobilize our existing members and to increase participation of our membership. If we combine it with an Outreach event it would be a great combination.

Heidi referred to the last NARALO GA and outreach in Toronto what brought 3 new ALS applications for the region.

Wolf: As consequence of the At Large Anniversary in Prague, I know about a next application in our region and I hope we will have another ALS by the end of the year.

One of the goals is to attract more interest from organizations from the Host country (Portugal).

Funding is so far for existing and certified ALS. 1 rep for ALS.

I count around 25 members

Heidi: budget - $22,000

Wolf will prepare a rough preliminary budget.


AOB: None










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