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  •  an overview of the considerations and principles taken into account by the GRC to conduct its analysis and proposed changes,
  •  an overview of the guidelines reviewed, 
  •  recommendations, if any, to change the Rules of the ccNSO.

Working Group Members

Katrina Sataki, .lv (Chair)


Segun Akano, .ng
Sean Andrew Copeland (.vi)
Stephen Deerhake, .as
Dejan Djukic, .rs
Jannett Ibañez, .bo
Young-eum Lee (.kr)
David McAuley, .cc
Mirjana Tasic, .rs


Svitlana Tkachenko (.ua)
Jian Zhang, NomCom appointed Councilor

Former Members

Alejandra Reynoso, .gt
Christelle Vaval, NomCom Councillor
Eduardo Santoyo, .co
Maarten Simon, .nl

Support Staff

Bart Boswinkel
Kim Carlson
Joke Braeken