Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information PDP Working Group

Thursday 09 January at 06:00 PST, 09:00 EST, 14:00 London, 15:00 CEST.  For other places see:

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Roll Call
  3. Updates to Statements of Interest
  4. Selection of Co-Chairs
  5. Review of the Charter
  6. Discussion of Proposed Questions (See Below)
  7. Next Steps/Action Items
  8. AOB

Actions from 19 December Meeting:

1.  Chris Dillon and Rudi Vansnick have been nominate for the position of co-chair and their nominations have been seconded.  If there are other candidates whom people wish to nominate, or who wish to volunteer, please send a notification to this list.  We will make the final decision at our meeting on 09 January.

2.  Steve Sheng will provide a link to the Terms of Reference for the feasibility study.

For Review:

  1.  Working Group Charter:
  2. Working Group Guidelines:
  3. Final Issue Report on Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information:
  4. PDP Manual -
  5. Taxonomies

Proposed Questions:

What is contact information (review and expand on the taxonomies noted above)?

Why are we doing this?; is this particular feature necessary?

Who gets access to what?

Who are the stakeholders?; who is affected? and what do they want (linking back to What)?

How much would a particular feature cost?

When would policy come into effect?

What should be mandatory?

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